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Website Design

What is Website Design?

Is website design the way your site looks—the eye-catching imagery, colors, fonts and layout? Or is it the behind-the-scenes functionality that makes your user experience a smooth one?   At New Perspective , it’s both, and then some.

 It’s the translation of your specific business vision and objectives into a one-on-one conversation with your targeted customers. It’s how you say, “Yeah, we can do that for you,” and “Look, it’s right here,” and “Thanks for your order, see you again soon,” before they can bounce off.

 At New Perspective, website design is also a methodical process that starts with a clear vision of what you need to accomplish and the audience you want to reach and convert.  It requires thoughtful planning, meticulous engineering, thorough user testing and execution—and an ongoing measurement and improvement process—resulting in a powerful tool that satisfies your users and serves your business purposes.

"Good design is making something intelligible and memorable."


"Great design is making something memorable and meaningful."

Dieter RamsInfluential industrial designer known for functional, simple and widely influential product design. 

What makes a website design great?

Great website design ensures that every page your prospect visits is thoughtfully designed with the information that is appropriate, relevant and engaging, whatever it may be. From your home page or campaign landing page all the way through your order confirmation page, a New Perspective-designed website delivers a satisfying experience for your users with:

  • Engaging visual imagery New Perspective designs your website to make an immediate impact with color, font selection and size, photos and icons that together show your viewers who you are and what your site—and your company—is all about.        
  • Intuitive navigation We structure your site with logical, consistent placement of key elements that guide your visitors from page to page in a way that feels natural and makes sense.
  • Search engine friendliness New Perspective loads your site with great content and organizes it all with logical links so search engines can understand your site and index it properly.

As a comprehensive web services company, New Perspective is always on the lookout for changes in design technology that will strengthen your brand, increase consumer engagement and close more deals. From sticky menu items that aid navigation to the latest nuances in responsive web design, our focus is to build a site that satisfies your visitors’ objectives and meets your needs.

Responsive web design

If your target audience uses mobile devices more than their desktops to go online—and chance are good that they do—your website needs to be responsive.  Responsive web design automatically prioritizes your content and tailors how your site appears on mobile devices like tablets or smartphones. New Perspective will help you determine the best mobile strategy for your business and how best to build it within your budget. 

Why care about the bots?

Staying ahead of changes in the algorithms used by search engines (web robots, or “bots”) can be a challenge for even the savviest website owner. Google’s personalized search results for people who are logged into their Google account, for example, adjust the search results according to that user’s prior activities. Businesses are finding it more cost-effective to invest in their visitors’ user experience instead of merely focusing on driving more traffic. Companies that want to be on top must be more effective through smarter design and more thoughtful in their page visitors’ user experience and make every visit count.

A great website design by New Perspective shows who you are. It tells visitors, by way of eye appeal and superior navigation, that your company is trustworthy and welcoming. Call us today at 508-755-6797 or contact us for your free website assessment.


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