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Website Development

Turning the Right Brain Left

New Perspective Web Solutions doesn’t just develop websites for businesses. We develop solutions to business goals that happen to be in the form of really snappy websites.

A well-developed site can be your most cost-effective tool for attracting visitors and converting them to customers. Visually attractive and easy to navigate on the user interface side, a New Perspective site is well organized and built on a solid infrastructure for reliable and responsive performance.

Our team of website development experts—including strategists, information architects, user interface designers and programmers—collaborates with you to:

  • Analyze your business and your website goals.
  • Build your information architecture—the logic of what goes where.
  • Design the user interface to be appealing and pleasing to your viewers.
  • Code it all so buttons do what they should and links go where you want them to.
  • Test, tweak, retest and repeat until it’s perfect.
  • Stay with you after launch to monitor, add and improve and enhance.

Trends in website development come and go, and New Perspective actively stays up to date on useful innovations that will enhance your site. We carefully investigate new techniques and their potential; not every new trick is appropriate for your site, and some warrant a wait-and-see approach. We follow discussion across the field and adhere to best practices as set by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) an international community organization focused on establishing web standards.


Open source opens doors

Whether you are looking to have your website custom developed or built using an open source content management system, New Perspective offers you a wide variety of solutions to fit your goals and budget. We’re “multi-lingual” with expertise in a broad range of proprietary and open-source programming languages and platforms, from .NET to PHP . We don’t offer just one particular platform or content management system because we believe strongly in matching the back-end system to each client’s current and future needs to develop the most efficient and effective platform for each website. Some of our CMS platforms include:

Content Management Systems

  • WordPress
  • Drupal
  • Joomla
  • Magento
  • Expression Engine
  • Icontrol My Site

We help you to select the best platform that will let you can easily keep your content up to date and in step with your internet marketing campaigns, and we’ll make your site scalable so it’s ready for the next phase whenever you are.

No matter what your goals may be for your site—attract subscribers with a few simple informational pages or dramatically boost sales with a full-blown Ecommerce machine—a successful, well-developed website starts with a conversation about your company, your target audience and your business needs. Let New Perspective translate that conversation into a website that incorporates all the right tools and features to get the job done. Call New Perspective today at 508-755-6797 or fill in our contact form to request a free consultation.


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