Position your company as the go-to solution for potential buyers.

The idea behind content marketing is simple: instead of peppering people with ads about your product or service, give them interesting and relevant information (i.e., content) about topics they care about.

They’ll not only come back to you as loyal customers, they’ll share your info and link to your site. The more they like, the more they link and the higher you rank on search engines’ sophisticated new algorithms, which analyze page-to-page links as well as keywords. Simple.

When you consider all the distribution channels connecting to your audience—and the unique strengths of each—suddenly content marketing seems anything but simple:

Your company might not be savvy with all of these channels, and you might not have the staff resources or budget to support more than a few, as content marketing can be time-consuming and requires ongoing innovation and creativity. That’s where NPWS can serve as your strategic partner.

Content Marketing


Content-assisted Conversions

Do you know how many times a visitor returns to your site before converting (taking an action or making a purchase)? And over how many days? New Perspective can help you use these key performance indicators—and cookies—to guide those repeat visitors through to purchase. Let’s say that 55% of your visitors will come back five times over three days before closing the deal. Are you going to greet them the same way each time, each day, with the same information? No! You’re going to give them fresh content and a stronger enticement—say, video demo of the product they’re keen on, or a 10% discount on their third or fourth visit. The video engages them more and the discount feels exclusive, finally triggering the purchase.

Content Marketing

  • Generates interest in your site as a rewarding place to visit.
  • Establishes trust and improves brand and website loyalty.
  • Attracts a community of like-minded consumers.
  • Earns links and builds your target audience.
Content Marketing

If your products and services are in any way influenced by current events, seasonal activities or other cyclical events—think Superbowl snacks, tax time accounting services, Valentine’s Day roses and more—New Perspective can tee up changing content accordingly.

New Perspective will work with you and your company’s budget to determine not only the most engaging content but the most effective distribution channels. Then we pair our experienced creative lead with our internet marketers and content producers to create compelling and effective content for distribution on your website and social media platforms. You can rely on New Perspective.

New Perspective has been providing sophisticated content strategy and management services since before all the buzz.  Contact New Perspective today to find out how we can improve your content, impress your visitors and boost your results. Call 508-755-6797 or request a free assessment.

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