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How We Help Agritech Companies With Brand Positioning and Marketing

How We Help Agritech Brands With Positioning and Marketing
How We Help Agritech Brands With Positioning and Marketing

Technological advancement today is happening at shocking speeds. We’ve seen so much change in not only our field of digital marketing, but in all of our clients industries as well — including agritech.

At New Perspective we work closely with clients in agriculture technology — agritech or agtech for short. This once quiet industry has become headline news in many cases — for improving how we produce (and create) food, manage resources, and accommodate the challenges of our growing population and shifting climate. It’s a fast-paced evolution, and the marketing department has no choice but to keep up. 

Whether you’re a shifting brand position, or just finding that target audience, New Perspective has a well-honed approach for helping agritech firms rise to the challenge of the shifting landscape — and make a lasting impact. (And whether you’re in agritech or another field on the rise, read on. Many of these methods apply across all the industries we work with.)

TL;DR: Dive into our insights on propelling agritech brands to the forefront of their industry with strategic marketing and branding:

  • Agritech Evolution: The dramatic changes in agtech and marketing strategies.
  • Brand Positioning: Elevating agritech brands in competitive landscapes.
  • Audience Insights: Tailoring marketing to customer understanding.
  • Strategies Revealed: Our approach with research, storytelling, and messaging.
  • Brand Identity: Achieving standout visual and voice consistency.
  • CRM Tactics: Boosting growth and relationships with effective CRM use.

Understanding the Ideal Customer: Driving Success through Insightful Strategies 

How do you introduce yourself to someone? What are you going to talk to them about? The answer is going to vary based on who it is you’re talking to. The situation is similar when it comes to your marketing activities.

It all starts with your audience: that’s what drives the context of your message as well as how an agritech firm  presents itself aesthetically. You wouldn’t jump straight into a technical deep dive of your latest agriculture innovation if you know the person is just getting their feet wet.

We help our client get to the bottom of who it is they need to talk to – so  they can deliver the right message to the right person at the right time. So how exactly do we get that picture of that target audience? It’s all about the right strategy.

What does an Agritech Marketing Strategy look like?

Information Gathering and Research

It all starts with research. We meet with all of the key stakeholders at your business and leverage their industry expertise. Who is it that they are talking with? What are the main challenges they face every day?

More importantly, what are your solutions to those challenges? We want to know how you are changing the lives of your clients. We want to know how you’re boosting the success of your customer’s farms, for instance. The research we conduct during these early phases includes but is is not limited to: 

  • Qualitative: Interviews with your sales team, executive team, and even your customers. Taking a look at the qualitative data is not about the numbers. It is about understanding the social situation. What are the attitudes and feelings surrounding your industry?
  • Quantitative: This is all about the numbers. We take a look at how you stack up against your competitors. We also look at your website data, including but not limited to  your performance in search, page size/speed, and your conversion rate ( which simply means the percentage of website visitors that take a desired action).

Communicating Your Brand Story

It’s not enough for us to have an understanding of your mission and how you help your clients. We need to make sure that your target audience understands that as well. Agritech, like many others, is a competitive market and your brand needs to be clear and distinct.

We want to make sure you stand out from and above the crowd. Your brand message can be communicated both through words and graphic elements. Text works together with visual content, and aesthetics are just as important as language.  

Messaging House

One of our popular workshops surrounding your content is called the Messaging House. The goal here is to craft impactful messages that resonate with a target audience.

To do that, we  bring you into an immersive experience where your company’s core values, mission, and offerings are identified and articulated in simple statements. The process emphasizes the importance of clarity, consistency, and authenticity over polished copywriting (that happens later).

We focus equally on what to include as well as exclude to attract the right clients. This approach often leads a client to a new understanding of their own organizational identity.

Voice and Tone

Once we’ve determined what is being communicated, we focus on how it’s being said. This is where brand voice ("sound") and tone ("mood") comes in. It is important to recognize the importance of both uniqueness and authenticity by creating a tailored set of guidelines for your brand's voice and tone.

For example, a voice that keeps it simple and isn't heavy on jargon, a tone that's upbeat and optimistic about the future. Alignment on voice and tone ensures consistency across all teams and channels whenever your message is being communicated.

Look and Feel

The final, crucial component of brand identity entails the visual assets—logo, color schemes, fonts, icons, graphics, and images—that symbolize a brand. Consistency in these visual elements is essential for fostering recognizability and trust, which in turn cultivates brand loyalty.

Collaborating closely with your team helps ensure that your visual identity aligns with the overall marketing strategy.

The Power of CRM and Advanced Reporting

While the implementation of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems has become relatively commonplace, many agritech companies experience the challenge of leveraging the tool’s full potential.

But efficiently managing and utilizing CRM systems can drive a significant impact on your customer retention, revenue growth, and overall business success.

Our team guides you in selecting and implementing the right CRM platform for your business and sales goals.

If you’re not sure what those goals are, we help you to define and measure key performance indicators (KPIs) that align with your particular mission.

By driving towards reasonable goals with actionable insights, we help you make informed decisions, enhance your customer experiences, and ultimately drive your business forward.

Putting it All Together and Creating a Plan

Before we jump right into implementation, we need to create a detailed roadmap of actionable steps.Our  customer success managers work with each client’s  in-house specialist to identify the actions that will help us crush our goals. There are a few key elements to developing a successful marketing campaign plan:

  • Set your marketing campaign's budget so it aligns with the objectives you aim to meet â€” or example, allocating enough funds to acquire the right number of leads. 
  • Set a clear timeline for achieving your campaign's objectives, especially if it's geared towards an event like a product launch or a conference —or establish a deadline with benchmarks to track progress. 
  • Choose strategies and tactics — ranging from content marketing to paid ads —   that not only advance your objectives but also fit within your budget and schedule.

Real-Life Success Stories: Empowering Agritech Companies to Achieve Remarkable Heights

We’ve helped our agritech clients achieve remarkable milestones. Learn how we worked with Living Greens Farm (LGF) to reach an impressive 297% increase in conversion rates through effective SEO and marketing strategies.

Here’s what Nate Klingler, VP of Business Development at LGF, had to say:

NK-Headshot-2“From Day One, New Perspective asked a lot of questions and did a lot of research. The team had a strong desire to immerse themselves in our company and the industry in order to add maximum value to our efforts. They consistently come to the table with relevant solutions to help meet our goals. Their natural curiosity and the professional and experienced nature of the team is why we chose to partner with New Perspective."

Let's talk growth!

Ready to get started? Discover how New Perspective can amplify your agritech brand's message and drive targeted engagement now, and into the future. We would love to set up an initial meeting to talk with you about everything we can accomplish together. 

Caitlin Tupper

Written By: Caitlin Tupper

Caitlin is our senior design manager. She graduated from Lesley University College of Art and Design.