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When it comes to your company’s marketing efforts, it’s easy to say that your team can handle it in-house. Your college intern can monitor social media, and everyone can take a turn writing emails. How hard can it be? Without marketing, you wouldn’t attract leads or customers. If you’re hard-pressed when it comes to lead generation, it may be time to reach out for help.

How do you know when it’s time to roll up your sleeves or to wave the white flag? Here are the benefits of hiring a marketing agency, as well as having an in-house marketing team.

Reasons to keep your marketing in-house:

Marketing agencies and in-house marketing teams don’t have to be mutually exclusive. Plenty of businesses blend these two teams together to create a very powerful product. Are you thinking about adding a marketing department to your company?

You’ll have easier access to resources.

Whether that be staff, company goals, or funds, an in-house marketing team has easier access to the tools to get things done. If you want to send a last-minute holiday sale email, you can do it with a lot less barriers than you would requesting it the day-of at a marketing agency. Not to mention, you have 100% control over everything you do.

You already have the time and funding to recruit, hire, and train your marketing staff.

You get what you pay for, and your team is the best. One of the perks of having an in-house marketing team is hand-picking the people who will be working on your projects. However, don’t forget that it takes time to shape these creative minds, as well as a lot of money. You will be footing the bill for their training, as well as salary, but you have the benefit of their undivided attention.

They will have a better understanding of your brand.

Your in-house marketing team will be working day-in and day-out marketing your products. With a little time and training, they’ll develop a more intimate understanding of your company goals, mission, and branding.

Reasons to hire a marketing agency:

Hiring a marketing agency isn’t throwing in the towel or giving up all control. It frees up your time to do what your company is best at, providing high quality products and services. Outsourcing your company’s marketing is an involved decision thats worth careful consideration.  Here are some things to keep in mind.

They provide a fresh perspective.

While there are definitely perks to becoming comfortable and familiar with a brand, it always pays to have an outsider’s view. Oftentimes, in-house marketers get so caught up in their ways, they forget about the bigger picture: the consumer. Think about talking about your day with your significant other. You may find yourself using industry jargon and making assumptions about things they may or may not know about your job. The message you were trying to convey wasn’t received properly. People who work at marketing agencies aren’t experts in your company’s industry, but they are experts in communication.

Hiring an agency is less work administratively.

Let’s be honest: Paperwork is a nightmare. The benefit of hiring a marketing agency instead of in-house staff is that you only have to scribble a check once a month to a marketing agency. On the other hand, having more control over your marketing team comes with more responsibility. If you have an in-house team, you’ll have to worry about taxes, salaries, and benefits (including days off).

An agency gives you access to a variety of skill sets.

It’s no secret that your team is a group of talented individuals. However, they can’t be well-versed in every subject. Instead of spending time and money training someone in-house, take advantage of someone who is already familiar with what you need them to do. Marketing agencies leverage your team’s know-how about your industry, as well as introduce you to tools that will help you get the job done. For example, maybe your in-house team can handle email marketing, but you outsource pay-per-click advertising to an agency.

Marketing yourself is hard.

“So tell me about yourself,” is one of the hardest – and most dreaded – question a person is asked in an interview. Where do you begin? Nine out of ten people struggle with this question. Marketing for yourself is harder than strangers doing it for you because you’re emotionally invested. You know that the product you offer is fantastic and that your team is brilliant, but it’s stressful to encapsulate all of your company’s talent. Once again, a new perspective not only gets your message across clearer, but also frees up more of your team’s time to focus on what they are best at.

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