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Is your old marketing strategy as effective as it used to be?

You’re seeing fewer results from trade shows, direct mail, and yellow pages than you did in the past.

Maybe you’ve tried redesigning your website or sending out a few emails, but haven’t generated any business.

The result? Internal tension, lost revenue, and still no incoming leads.

Sound familiar? Then you need a fresh perspective on your marketing playbook.

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Rethink Your Marketing Playbook

What your potential customers expect and how they communicate has changed. Instead of fighting for their attention, you need a modern marketing playbook built around creating positive experiences.

strategic planning kit

A Modern Marketing Playbook

01 Target the Right People

Marketing to manufacturing clients requires messaging targeted to engineers and influencers. You need to speak their language, solve for their problems, and create experiences they care about.

02 Address Pain Points

Buyers aren’t interacting with brands in the same way they used to. Now, they are more likely to research online before reaching out to a brand. Messaging is no longer about interrupting your audience, but about helping and educating them. 

03 Take a Comprehensive Approach

We create a strategy that will link all your marketing tactics and make sure they work together to achieve your goals. When you transform your thinking from small improvements to the big picture, you can prove marketing ROI, align sales and marketing, and get your entire organization on board.

04 Refresh Old Tactics

Investing in digital marketing doesn’t mean giving up on your old tactics. We help manufacturing companies to find the right balance between old and new. We know you want the phone ringing, but your prospects may not be ready for a call. We’ll help you find ways to bridge that gap with digital marketing.

If you’d like to speak about your unique marketing challenges, growth goals and how we may be able to help solve them, let’s talk!

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