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In an industry built on loyalty and elbow grease, digital marketing can be a frustrating initiative to start and to see success with.

Is your old marketing playbook as effective as it used to be? Are trade shows, direct mail and yellow pages seeing the same return as they used to? Are sales leads becoming lower quality, resulting in more work for your sales team with worse results?

Like most marketers you probably understand the importance of keeping up with customer changes and evolving with technology. Unfortunately, the manufacturing industry can be difficult to realize success through digital marketing, particularly when the strategy is not fully thought through.

If you’re struggling to move your organization away from the “way you’ve always done it,” you’re probably becoming less aligned with your sales team and you’re attempting marketing tactics without any clear strategy or measurable results.

Are you ready to make a change?

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We help manufacturing companies who have invested time and resources into their website, but are frustrated and disappointed it’s not producing the qualified leads and customers they had hoped for.

 If you’ve attempted piecemeal efforts like SEO or Google Adwords alone and haven’t seen great results, it may be time to consider a strategy-driven approach.

 Here's how our marketing services help manufacturing companies:

  • Target the Right People: Marketing to manufacturing clients requires messaging targeted to engineers and influencers. We help create marketing that will convince and convert every prospect involved in the buying decision.
  • Rapidly Changing Marketing Approach: Messaging is no longer about interrupting your audience, but about helping and educating them. Marketing is changing rapidly. We help businesses adapt to this change.
  • Transform Your Digital Marketing: We create a connecting strategy that will link all your marketing tactics and make sure they work together to achieve your goals. When you transform your thinking from small improvements to the big picture, you can prove marketing ROI, align sales and marketing and get your entire organization on-board.

B2B Manufacturing Marketing Agency

We work with companies in the manufacturing industry; if you search our website, you won’t find a dozen other pages claiming New Perspective is an expert at every industry imaginable. Our agency is specifically designed to fit the needs of the manufacturing industry with a team of experts and proven processes to run by.

If you are looking for an agency that is just an “order-taker” who can simply manage tactics, we’re not for you. Our target clients are looking for a partner with a personable team of experts, a strategic approach, and sees themselves as a vested partner in lasting and measurable success.

If you’d like to speak about your unique marketing challenges, growth goals and how we may be able to help solve them, let’s talk!

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