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Who says spring cleaning can only apply to your home? Now that the warmer weather is here, consider uncluttering your website too!

Refocus & Simplify Your Website Design to the Essentials

If your website has been collecting different calls to action like your grandmother collects tchotchkes, it may be time adopt a more streamlined design. One common design pitfall is adding multiple focal points on landing pages. As companies add new features, products, or services, you may be tempted to draw attention to these additions. Doing so can result in a cluttered website that does little to guide the user experience. Visitors who feel overwhelmed are much more likely to click away from your site.

Make sure that each page has one specific focal point. You can still encourage people to check out other products or visit different pages, but your page needs to be clean, easy to read, and not visually overwhelming.

Limit Color and Fonts

Another common design mistake is incorporating too many colors and fonts. If your pages have turned into a kaleidoscope, it’s time to tone it down and consider which elements are truly essential to your page’s content. Limiting yourself to three main colors is a good rule of thumb. Not only will this ensure that the website is aesthetically appealing, it will also help you prioritize information.

These same rules apply to fonts. Less is more. Stick to simple, common fonts that are reader friendly. Stay away from anything too ornate or difficult to read. While these fancy fonts may seem sophisticated, they can turn away visitors. Instead of using multiple types of fonts, use headers to highlight different sections. This will give your site a more consistent look and improve readability.

Clean Up Widgets and Sidebar Menus

Sidebar menus have a tendency to collect multiple widgets. If readers have to scroll below the fold to get to the end of your sidebar menu, it might be time to clean house.  Reexamine whether the widgets that have been added are still being used and are fulfilling their initial purpose. If not, don’t be afraid to downsize your sidebar menu. Remember that the reader’s experience should be your number one priority.

When it comes to website design, simple is usually better. As you complete your spring cleaning, be sure to rid your site of clutter, focus on the essentials, and evaluate your site from a user’s perspective. Ensure that your design furthers your overall agenda and that visitors are directed to a clear call to action.