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Cleantech Networking 101: LinkedIn Groups & Web Communities

Cleantech Networking 101: LinkedIn Groups and Web Communities
Cleantech Networking 101: LinkedIn Groups and Web Communities

In the dynamic cleantech landscape, success isn't just about innovation and sustainability. It's also about coming together. Networking, collaboration, and community make us all stronger, and different perspectives help us better tackle complex, systemic challenges. 

We've gathered up some of the best cleantech-related Web communities and LinkedIn groups you may want to be a part of — but may not know about. If you’re a business that wants to make a positive impact on our planet, have a look.

Cleantech Web Communities

MCJ Collective encompasses an investment fund (MJC Capital), a growing membership, and a climate-change-related media resource. This self-described n "entrepreneurial commons" is dedicated to accelerating the flow of information, ideas, job postings, and capital to address the climate crisis.

In other words, it’s a mecca for cleantech firms. Becoming a member brings you access to a broad community (more than 3,000 people from over 25 countries) passionate about climate action, opportunities for collaboration, and resources like podcasts, newsletters, and events.  

Climatebase is a hiring mega platform that sees some 200,000 people a month. It’s also home to the Climatebase Fellowship, a “career accelerator” with a rigorous 12-week educational program of expert lectures, career development support, and project work, as well as year-round community membership.

Its Climatebase Weekly newsletter reaches over 100,000 readers each week, and its annual SF Climate Week returns to San Francisco this April.

Work on Climate was started by two ex-Google machine learning engineers. It’s based on an ambitious and generous concept: the more support and the more connections, the faster we can change the world. if you are looking for support, guidance, and a network, this is your place.

Its “starter packs” offer free mentoring and its job board offers a global range of opportunities. There’s also a  Slack channel, plenty of events, and a fertile blog section

The network aims to guide the tech industry towards more environmentally friendly practices. Its 8000+ membership of tech professionals are clear on the link between people, tech, and climate solutions — from behavior change to sustainable product design, green software engineering, and low-carbon infrastructure.

The platform’s projects include a  #LetsGreenTheWeb campaign and the doing-good resource, Branch Magazine. If you’re in cleantech, you’ll find a solid combination of mission, practical methods, and some really good ideas about how to achieve sustainability. 

Climate Draft focuses on venture-backed startups. While it's now run under the aegis of Lowercarbon capital, it’s staying true to its mission of giving climatetech a single portal into everything they need to grow.

That includes a solid job board with over 600 companies from nearly two dozen VCs, a calendar of events around the globe, a roundup newsletter that makes it easy to stay on top of the latest developments, and tons of learning materials is a hefty platform with a mission: get 100 million people working in some aspect of climate change by 2030. It offers cohort-based courses including 12-week intensives, hosts live climate job fairs, and facilitates networking events. Its job board is streamlined but packed: there are some 43,900 climate jobs and 8,100 climate companies listed.

Its #OpenDoorClimate is a skills-building and connections program between newcomers and seasoned professionals; topics include navigating industry hurdles, landing investments, tackling legislation, and our favorite — marketing best practices.

LinkedIn Groups and Newsletters

LinkedIn’s Clean & Renewable Energy Community is for both professionals and non-professionals and has been going since 2008. Well organized and carefully monitored, it requires membership to enter and curates posts so discussions stay on topic (posts about anything but clean and renewable energy are summarily deleted).

Job postings are allocated to a JOBS section; promo posts go in PROMOTIONS. (One of its admins is in cybersecurity and the other is in marketing, which is reassuring.) There are some 23,000 members, some 10 new posts a day, and the space is growing constantly. 

The Cleantech group is a spam-free and ad-free, private, well-protected, self-described “incubator” for scientists, entrepreneurs, and investors. It’s also been going for years (it was founded in 2006).

Connected to, it has more than 33,000 members from a broad range of fields, such as renewables, solar energy, wind, agritech, and biofuels. Conversations focus on AI, IoT, energy efficiency, and many, many other trending topics. There’s also a job postings section, and even more industry job postings area over on the .org site.  

The #TalkingClimate newsletter (curated by climate scientist Katharine Hayhoe) has 82,475 subscribers. It’s a weekly dive into climate science and sustainability via video, news, and opinion pieces.

The mix is a compelling balance of good and not-so-good news, practical challenges, and actionable advice, reflecting the overall landscape of climate action and industry. It’s empowering, insightful, realistic, and always fascinating.  

The Climate Change Professionals Group was launched in November 2009 and has nearly 200,000 members. It’s a goldmine for anyone keen on topics like renewables, AI for sustainability, climate science, job opportunities in the climate sector, green technologies, energy efficiency, recycling, net-zero goals, overall sustainability practices, and more.

If it’s related to climate change, someone is talking about it in this group. 

Find Your Cleantech Communities

Yes, we meant communities plural: this is one endeavor where casting a wide net can really pay off. As cleantech grows exponentially, joining these platforms and groups helps you stay on top of what’s happening (and what’s not) and get your voice out there.

We work with so many great cleantech companies, and we know there are a lot of great ideas out there that deserve more of an audience. In terms of business, getting your name into the online space is key. We encourage you to join the conversation.

Want to learn more about how we help our cleantech and other clients grow their audience and their business? Reach out. We’d love to chat about your needs and goals.

Dunja Jovanovic

Written By: Dunja Jovanovic

Dunja Jovanovic is our Head of Sustainability and Communications, and host of Green New Perspective podcast.