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Digital marketing takes a lot of time and resources. Once site visitors reach your contact forms, you cannot afford to lose them due to a cumbersome or poorly designed form. If you are not getting the response you would like from your forms, be sure you are not making one of these critical mistakes.

1. Your Form is Too Long

As great as it is to gather lots of information, the truth is that people do not like filling out long forms. They are busy problem solving and have come to you for help. Having a cumbersome form that asks for more information than a credit card application is only going to drive people to find help elsewhere. To get better results, cut your form fields ruthlessly. Do you really need to know zip codes? Mobile and home phone numbers? If it’s not must-have information, get rid of it.

2. Your Form is Too Big

Large forms, even if they only have a few well-chosen fields, can be a deterrent. If a user has to scroll to fill out your form, it is too big. To get the best response, people should be able to see everything that you want from them in a single glance. When someone can quickly scan your form and determine that it is not going to be too much of a hassle to fill it out, they will be more likely to proceed.

3. Your Form is Too Complicated

Complex tasks on a contact form are another common deterrent from visitors converting to leads. While difficult captchas may stop spammers from pestering you, screening out the few bogus submissions is not worth the hassle to everyone else.

Another huge hassle is registrations that require passwords.

According to one study, 86% of users feel hassled when asked to create a new account. If you must require an account, consider using social logins instead. The same study found that 77% of people think that websites should offer social logins, and 65% of people will return to sites that use them.

4. Your Landing Page is Too Busy

The purpose of the page is to get people to fill out the form. It is not to provide them with other offers, interesting company information, or anything else other than incentives to complete the form. If you have too many distractions, then the visitor will indeed become distracted. Provide just enough supporting information to reassure people that they are in the right spot and that they want to fill out your form; get rid of anything else.

5. You Don’t Give Alternatives

Maybe your visitors prefer to call you instead of sending a form and waiting for a reply. Perhaps they want to visit your Facebook page to see what you’re all about. It’s crucial that you provide alternate contact information to accommodate all the methods people use to get in touch.

Easy Peasy

Personalize your forms a bit so they are less dry, and always remember your ultimate goal of form completion. Simple and easy is the name of the game. You might be surprised how much your conversions improve by making just a few small changes.