Carbon Capture Tech Leader Launches Successful Global Demand Generation Program

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Carbon Clean is an innovation leader in carbon dioxide (CO2) separation technology for industrial and gas treating applications.


Environmental Services, Environmental Consulting, Pollution Control, CO2 Capture

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London, United Kingdom

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Inbound Marketing, Corporate Rebranding, Launchpad HubSpot CMS website

The Carbon Clean Story

Carbon dioxide is a common byproduct for many industrial businesses, but it is also the biggest driver of manmade climate change. The time has come to mitigate our impact on the environment by reducing carbon output.

Carbon Clean, a London, UK-based carbon capture technology company has designed and built a solution, in use at more than 38 facilities around the world, which helps capture carbon at the source—before it reaches the atmosphere.

By capturing carbon before it is released into the air, Carbon Clean’s clients can also leverage the growing value of carbon by selling it for reuse. By turning this industrial waste product into profit, Carbon Clean is helping their clients reduce their impact on the environment and increase their bottom line.

Carbon Clean enables hard-to-abate industries such as steel, cement, energy from waste, and refineries to navigate new climate imperatives with technology that reduces cost, space, and execution time.

How can Carbon Clean best share the vast potential of this exciting technology to targeted prospects in a diverse array of industries?


“New Perspective supports our lead generation and we are doing very well on hitting our targets as we move on to the execution phase. Strategy and planning process was very effective and the work done on the website, content and thought leadership is really starting to pay off in terms of a steady flow of quality leads. We have good access to senior leadership and our day-to-day client success manager is critical to our partnership. He is enthusiastic, level-headed and keeps us on track which is important as our business scales up quickly.”


Carbon Clean — Marketing Communications Manager

The Challenge

Carbon Clean was founded in 2009 and, while successful, was siloed and seen as merely a “carbon solvent” company. Company leadership felt it was time to reposition the company for future growth and approached New Perspective for a number of mission-critical initiatives.

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Reposition the Brand as a Leading Multi-Solution Provider

Carbon Clean needed help to shift industry perception of their brand from just a supplier of carbon solvents to a valued partner providing customers with a range of innovative solutions, capable of providing invaluable guidance to achieve net zero carbon emissions in their operations.


Scalable Roadmap for a Rapid Growth

The company has rapid growth goals; they aim to bring in over $100 million in annual revenues by 2025. In order to support this trajectory, they needed a scalable demand generation program.


Drive Demand and Lead Engagement

Carbon Clean needed to know who they were marketing to. They needed to develop target personas, solidify their perception of Carbon Clean, and encourage them to seek more information about their carbon capture solution.


Strengthen Thought Leadership Positioning

Their website and messaging needed to showcase the company’s depth of expertise and insight on carbon capture solutions while providing a high-value resource for both customers and prospects to see Carbon Clean in a brand new light.

What Our
Partnership Delivered:

A seismic change in perception doesn’t happen overnight, but we moved quickly to deliver what Carbon Clean required. We took a well-researched, thoughtfully-planned, and growth-driven approach to key initiatives including rebranding, redesigning/replatforming, and digital toolstack setup:

Corporate Rebrand

As part of their new initiatives, the company was changing their name from “Carbon Clean Solutions” to “Carbon Clean.” We helped them rework their corporate identity from start to finish: we designed a new logo and branding assets, incorporating the new look in everything they did.

Launchpad Website

We designed and developed a launchpad website on HubSpot’s award-winning CMS Hub. The launchpad site consisted of high-value, high-impact content needed to support their demand generation plan.

Inbound Marketing Strategy

Together, New Perspective and Carbon Clean developed an inbound marketing strategy which leveraged impactful content to reach and engage prospective customers—all while positioning Carbon clean as an expert in the carbon capture space.

Continuous Website Improvement

Carbon Clean’s website is their best salesperson. The launchpad allowed us to publish the most impactful pages first, but the continuous improvement plan allows Carbon Clean and New Perspective to maintain a regular flow of updates and improvements to ensure they are always putting their best foot forward.

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The Results

Carbon Clean has seen immediate results from our efforts. New leads from online campaigns added millions of dollars in pipeline revenue within the first 60 days.

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What’s Next?

Carbon Clean’s growth goals are both aggressive and global. New Perspective is working with Carbon Clean on an account-based marketing strategy and developing new content for new audiences and personas around the world as the brand expands its thought leadership influence and sales prospects.

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