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The Secret Behind a Successful Brand Strategy

The Secret Behind a Successful Brand Strategy

How do we at New Perspective help to create a successful brand that will allow our clients to thrive and stand out from the rest? What’s our secret?

Is it our location near a pool of amazing creative talent?

Is it the ping pong tables, free beer, and orange walls in our office that attract this talent, creating an environment where their creative juices can flow?

Quite frankly, yes! But we’ll let you in on a little secret: that’s the easy part. The creative talent is like a running back catching the ball in the end zone. Sure, they need to have bundles of talent and experience to implement the brand successfully, but this is the final stage of a much longer process.

The hard part? All of the work that comes before the creation of the brand strategy. A running back can’t score if his teammates don’t get the ball to him. Before our creative team can build a strategy, they must have a thorough understanding of the client. What are the opportunities within the market for the client to succeed? How can the client build an emotional connection with their audience? Only when the research has been done can the creative team work on the final tone and design elements. Forming a true understanding of a client and their market is hard work, but it is necessary for building a strong brand.

So where do you begin? Creating a successful brand strategy is different for each client, however our Proven Process which includes 3 main stages:

Proven-process. Jpg

Strategy and Planning

This stage focuses on exploring and facilitating. To begin a brand strategy, we first take a deep dive into the client’s business and assessment of the client’s industry. Where can the client win against their competitors? How can they turn prospects into customers? While we want to know the facts, we also want to understand the client’s perception of their positioning within the market and with their customers.

We often find conflicting thoughts and ideas in this stage. The client may not agree with our ideas and we may not agree with theirs. Our role is to discover cultural themes that have been fundamental in the client’s growth and to align their positioning with data and market insights. We blend data with creativity in order to sprinkle a “je na sais quoi” into a client’s branding strategy.

Setup and Launch (Creating)

Even the best creative minds need a start base to work from, which is why the explore stage is key. Once we understand where the opportunities are for a client, the brand strategy team can start the creating stage. There’s a lot involved here. What is the client’s positioning? That is, who are they marketing to (and how)? What design elements will be necessary? Does the client need a logo? And how will the new brand strategy be put into action? This is a big process, but the research work that was done in the explore stage will make it easier.

Continuous Improvement

All too often, this final stage is forgotten. Brands go through the trouble of exploring and creating, but don’t implement. A brand strategy is simply not worth completing unless it is then injected into everything you do. Marketing internally can be as important as marketing externally. The key elements of this stage demand employee involvement and consistency.

It’s all about amplifying your message. Your sales team should be communicating your positioning. Your content strategy should reflect your brand positioning at every stage of the buyer’s journey. Implementing a brand strategy means following through with all the work done throughout the process.

How Can New Perspective Help You?

The New Perspective team has worked on brand strategies for global brands including Acer, EMC, Killer-Spin, and Ferrari. We have also helped smaller business such as Energy Monster experience phenomenal growth by combining a strong brand strategy with Inbound Marketing. We have the experience necessary to develop your brand and implement a strong strategy.

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