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Choosing the Right Agency: Full Service Digital vs. Web Development

Choosing the Right Agency: Full Service Agency vs. Web Dev

Close your eyes and imagine what you’d like to achieve by hiring an agency for your business. Now open them so you can keep reading. If a website is your goal, you still have a lot more to consider.

Knowing exactly what you want out of a new website will help you determine which agency can help you the most. Agencies come in different shapes and sizes, which means some will fit your mold and some won’t. You’re a circle, and some of these agencies are squares – they’re just not a good fit.

Let’s take a look at how a full service digital agency matches up against a web development agency.

Should I Choose a Full Service Digital Marketing Agency?

Buckle up – these agencies will use all of their efforts to help your business fly. From graphic design to SEO and so much more, they have a lot to offer. To help support every marketing tactic, they have an arsenal of specialists for each field.

Their efforts will attract visitors, convert leads, and delight customers through your website. By reviewing analytics, tracking performance and measuring ROI, a full service digital agency can find what is working for your marketing – and just as importantly– what is not.

Another huge advantage is that they also offer a closed loop marketing service. This means that the sales and marketing teams work together. By having open communication, they can find out where leads are coming from and which ones are likely to become customers. Overall, it’s their goal to help your business grow. And a website is just one part of that growth.

But what if you have your own marketing department? Maybe you just need help with the technical, behind-the-scenes part of your website and business? Then the answer might be clear: a full service digital agency might not be right for you.

Or perhaps you're leaning towards a Web Development Agency?

Sure, you might be looking for a new website design, but web development agencies do more than just that. While design is important, functionality and user responsiveness is where a great development team shines. “Web Developer” can be an umbrella term used to describe various elements of what a developer actually does.

From back-end to full-stack and more, a web development agency can cover more than just helping with your online presence. They can also create apps or help with e-commerce needs such as data management, to name a few. In short– a team of highly-skilled web developers can be great for your business if you can handle your own lead generation and other marketing duties.

But beware – this shouldn’t be confused with hiring a freelance web developer. Although the costs may be significantly lower, hiring one person versus a team of experts can really show in the long run. Having an agency on your payroll means a dedicated team who can also offer a maintenance package to make sure your website stays fully functional.

So, which agency should you choose?

Are you still on the fence about which agency you should hire? You already have quite a few options, but narrowing it down begins with knowing what you want for your business.

Nathan Harris

Written By: Nathan Harris

Nathan Harris is the founder and CEO of New Perspective digital marketing agency.