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Exploring HubSpot’s Content Hub: A New Feature Breakdown

HubSpot Content Hub: Exploring Top New Features
HubSpot Content Hub: Exploring Top New Features

Working with a variety of clients over the years, we see one very common challenge when it comes to maintaining a robust marketing engine, and that’s content creation.

Establishing and sustaining a strong online brand presence demands a continuous stream of fresh content. That’s where things can get problematic: with all the tools out there, it can seem hard to know where to turn. But in truth, it’s not.

In terms of a powerful content creation ally, there’s no comparison to HubSpot’s New Content Hub.

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What is the HubSpot Content Hub?

HubSpot’s latest update, Content Hub, was released in April 2024. It supplements — or more accurately, boosts — HubSpot’s existing content management suite. The biggest distinction is that it’s fueled by AI — so it empowers the user to create, distribute, and repurpose dynamic and creative assets right within the HubSpot environment. 

But on top of its AI capabilities Content Hub offers a powerful range of new features.  Some are accessible to legacy CMS Hub users, while others are exclusive to the Content Hub.

Whether you are already an avid HubSpot user or just joining the platform, you need to know about the Content Hub.

We’ve put together a detailed breakdown of what each version offers so you can make an informed decision about whether or not to upgrade your HubSpot environment.

Features for Legacy CMS Hub Customers

If you are an existing CMS Hub user, you may have noticed that you can now access several new tools designed to level up content creation, diversity, and management.

ContentHub_Manage Gated Content

Gated Content Library Feature - Source: HubSpot

These are all great additions to a content generation strategy, enabling you to do everything from management to imagery to voice narration: 

  • Gated Content Library (Pictured Above): Lets you securely manage and distribute your content faster than before. 
  • Gated Blogs: Helps you create and publish exclusive blog content for select audiences.
  • Basic Blog Post Generator: Allows you to generate full blog posts in minutes using the power of AI. (Though we suggest a careful read and edit as well.)
  • AI Image Generation: Gives you a tool — in the form of a single prompt within the platform — to generate eye-catching imagery.
  • Blog Post Narration: A voice narration tool that enhances the accessibility of your blog posts.
  • AI Website Builder (Pictured Below): Enables you to standardize and speed up your website creation with a variety of AI-driven tools.

AiO-Style-Selected (1)

AI Website Generator - Source: HubSpot

Features Exclusive to Content Hub

Accessing the full suite of new features does require you to upgrade to the Content Hub. But here’s a tip from our own experience: we chose to make the upgrade and have never looked back.

In a very short amount of time, we’ve fully leveraged the exclusive features — and they’re already making a difference.

Our team is thrilled with all the new opportunities it opens up. The Hub helps them stay aligned with our content strategy in a seamless, efficient way. Of course, we love being able to consistently bring you richer content faster than we ever have been able to before.

Making the jump to the Content Hub was a given — and if you’re ambitious about your content strategy, it’s likely you’ll find that as well. 

List of Features Exclusive to Content Hub

Source: HubSpot Content Hub Features

Content Remix - Source: HubSpot

These are just some of the advanced features on Content Hub that are not available to CMS Hub users unless they upgrade:

Content Remix

Allows you to deploy AI to transform existing content into various formats for different channels, like social media and emails, which enhances reach and engagement. It also ensures consistent messaging and optimizes content distribution efficiently.


Content Remix Feature Demo Video - Source: HubSpot

Brand Voice

Gives you the tools to create consistent, on-brand content at scale by analyzing your existing content to define your brand's unique style and tone. You can also use this to streamline content creation, keeping all generated content aligned with your brand voice. A consistent brand voice is a powerful lever for customer engagement.


Allows you to host and manage podcast content directly in your HubSpot platform. Podcasts are a highly effective way to grow your audience, reaching new listeners within the same familiar environment.

Content Embeds

This is a great tool for creating and personalizing content and seamlessly integrating it into your WordPress sites — without any need for coding.

AI Content Translation

A welcome feature that can automatically translate content. Use it to expand your global reach, reaching out to new audiences in their native language.

AI Content Translation Feature Demo Video - Source: HubSpot

Custom AI Blog Post Generator

Being able to generate SEO-optimized blog posts from prompts and transform them into structured content is a game-changer.

Available tools include:

  • Blog post outline generation
  • Full AI post generation
  • Semrush integration for keyword research
  • Keyword intent data
  • Keyword ranking difficulty
  • AI Image generation

These features are designed to ensure that your content not only aligns with targeted SEO keywords and search intent, but also applies your unique brand voice to the blog post.

ContentHub_AI Blog Post Generator

AI Blog Generation With SEMrush - Source: HubSpot

Which is Right for You: Content Hub vs. Marketing Hub Features

HubSpot’s restructuring has differentiated the Content Hub from the Marketing Hub, targeting specific use cases for each product. Here are some key differences: 

  • Content Hub Only: Blogs, landing pages, and advanced testing and approvals.
  • Marketing Hub Only: Smart content and A/B testing for marketing emails, email approvals, and free versions of blogs and landing pages.
  • Shared Features: SEO tools, video hosting, and multilingual content creation.

A Great New Tool for Content Management Needs

With the introduction of the HubSpot Content Hub, HubSpot now has a robust suite that’s tailored to modern content needs and goals, with scalability, AI integration, and comprehensive management tools.

Whether or not you should  upgrade from CMS Hub to Content Hub largely depends on your specific needs for advanced features and streamlined content management. But most of the clients we work with find that they experience the benefits of upgrading nearly immediately. 

If you are looking for a dedicated team to identify what features are right for your business goals, or you want help planning your HubSpot environment, we’d be happy to talk to you.

Reach out and schedule an intro call with our team.

Marko Bodiroza

Written By: Marko Bodiroza

Director of Marketing @ New Perspective | Producer of Green New Perspective Podcast | AI Advocate