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Your company may have an awesome website. You may have a team of talented writers to create industry-specific content for you. You may have already tried various marketing techniques.

But you still see clients slipping through the cracks. What could you be doing wrong?

It could be that you’re using techniques that do not address your business’ needs—or it could be the result of poor strategizing. The New Perspective team makes sure no prospect slips from your grasp by formulating a powerful digital marketing strategy that’s aligned to your business goals.

New to digital marketing? No problem. We are a full service digital marketing agency made up of experienced strategy consultants who can help you build a potent marketing plan from the ground up. Our focus is on you; we start by learning your business, your target market, and your industry. From there, we identify the marketing services and techniques that will prove effective in building your online presence.

strategic planning kit

How Our Strategic Game Plan Can Help You Win

As an experienced digital marketing agency, our first step when working with new clients is always to create a solid Strategic Game Plan. Your Strategic Game Plan aligns your marketing and sales by answering questions such as:

  • What are your specific business goals?
  • How can you accomplish these goals in the most effective and efficient way possible?
  • How can you measure the success of your marketing tactics?

At the end of the Game Plan process, you will have a tailored roadmap that details all the marketing elements that need to be incorporated into your campaign. This comprehensive roadmap zeroes in on the pain points of your existing marketing and the best ways to address them.

Every item in your roadmap is measurable, so we can tell what’s working and what needs to be changed. We make these results visible and we’ll present you with the data, helping you to understand how your campaign is performing, from the volume of visitors you’re receiving to your ROI.

Our Marketing Assessment Process

In a local market where you need to contend with many other businesses, it’s much more difficult to stand out. New Perspective helps you rise above your competition through a Strategic Game Plan.

The Marketing Assessment Process is crucial part of crafting your Strategic Game Plan.

Our Marketing Assessment Process is developed through years of experience. With help from our in-house digital marketing strategists, we were able to come up with a unique, four-step process that enables us to identify your strengths and weaknesses. From there, we eliminate techniques that don’t deliver and fortify those that work for you.

Here are the parts that make up our Marketing Assessment Process:

Website Performance

Is your site slow to load, a maze for search engines, or confusing for users?

Lead Generation

How well does your site convert visitors into leads?

Competitor Analysis

What insight can we learn from your competitors?

Target Your Ideal Customers

You can’t create a successful inbound game plan if you try to market to everyone. We’ll work with you to assess the right customers to focus on reaching your specific goals.

  • Buyer Personas - Representations of your ideal customers, what they are struggling with, the triggers that cause them to act, and what questions they are asking.
  • Buyer’s Journey- The four stage path your prospects take before they make a purchasing decision, covering Awareness, Consideration, Decision, and Customer.
  • Targeted Messaging Strategy - Focused strategy to position you to best answer your ideal customer’s questions and define why you are the best company to solve their problems.

When complete, you’ll receive research-based buyer personas, a detailed outline of their buyer’s journey, and a complete strategy for reaching that audience with focused marketing tactics. 

Build a Content Campaign Plan

Once our teams are aligned and we have a thorough understanding of your marketing needs, we will build out a campaign plan. This strategy will provide you with budget, expectations and a timeline. What marketing deliverables will be provided to you, and when?

Your complete Strategic Game Plan will include 40+ pages of actionable strategy:

  • Marketing Budget - Recommended budget options to help hit your business goals.
  • Content Calendar - Suggested content deliverables to execute your inbound strategy with specific timelines for publishing each piece.
  • SEO Strategy - Using keyword research we will target the specific SEO strategies to realize your goals for improving search visibility.
  • Website Redesign - We’ll work with you to create an action plan by creating user flows and mapping out your desired website architecture. Our developers will work to implement a solid SEO strategy and our graphic designers will create branding you can be proud of. Building a strategy before implementing a website redesign will ensure that the process goes smoothly. Learn more about why a website redesign should be part of your digital marketing strategy.
  • Additional content campaign plans based on your specific goals.

You can’t meet your goals without a solid marketing strategy, which is why we at New Perspective emphasize a strategy first approach. The marketing plan we will create for you is custom built for your business’s situation and unique growth goals. As a growth agency, this approach helps us build a thorough understanding of your company and to clarify how we can best work together to achieve your goals.  We have experience delivering measurable results for our clients through inbound marketing and website-specific strategies that increase customer engagement, improve lead acquisition, and create a competitive advantage.


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