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Welcome To The
#NPLaunchpad Webcast

We’re thrilled to announce The #NPLaunchpad, our new video conversation series with companies on their path to rapid growth. Join host Nathan Harris as he talks to the leading voices in the world of disruptive technologies and startups.

Learn from the strategies and wisdom of other leaders on the edge — candid, edgy, controversial, surprising. Our guests don’t sugarcoat their challenges or skimp on their stories. And we think you’ll love these conversations as much as we do.

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Meet The Host: Nathan Harris

Nathan is the founder and CEO of New Perspective. Over fifteen years at the helm, he has led the company to become a nationally recognized growth agency specializing in inbound marketing, demand generation, and website design.

Over the years, the industry landscape kept evolving, and so has New Perspective. As the agency itself grew, it helped ignite growth for clients in Energy, AgriTech, Science, Manufacturing, and other industries. Driven by a Kaizen Mindset, Nathan and the team stay at the forefront of digital marketing innovation.

Video Episodes

Audio Episodes