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Content marketing is a fantastic way to gain leads and establish your company as an industry thought leader. In fact, 76% of B2C marketers use content marketing. That’s a lot of competition, and well, a lot of content. The difficulty in having your content stand out in the crowd could account for why just 37% of content marketers found their strategies to be effective. Here are a few helpful tips for improving your company’s content marketing in 2016.

1. Diversify your content

Embrace visual content. Think about videos, memes, SlideShare, and shareable images. A wall of text can be boring and can deter your viewer from reading your content. In 2015, Twitter saw an 18% increase in clicks when tweets included images. Overall, 63% of B2C marketers who use infographics deem them effective. Yes, blogging is fundamental to your content output and continues to be a staple in 2016, but this is not your only media output. The use of webinars, short film, and gifs are increasing in popularity because of their unique approach to getting content to the viewer. Make your viewers’ web experience a virtual reality in 2016.

2. Email marketing

You may think email marketing is old school, but email marketing continues to dominate the playing field. According to Hubspot 76% of marketers are using email more now than they did three years ago. With 4.3 billion different email accounts and 196 billion emails sent daily, email will continue to dominate in 2016. Companies like Dell have proven how the advanced generation of email marketing can be successful. By sending out their first animated gif email, their revenue sky rocketed by 109%. Your email marketing is no longer a one-man team. Include your video editor and graphic designer into the mix if you want to create some email marketing success stories.

3. Mobile first

2016 will see 198 million mobile users accessing the internet. That’s three times as many users than in 2010! Google announced that desktop and mobile traffic were relatively equal for now. Starting in 2016, the shift will become more prominent and within the next year or two, mobile traffic will be the dominant user interface. To improve your content marketing in 2016, your business must be aware of mobile e-commerce, mobile payment, mobile design, and even mobile CRM.

4. Relationship marketing

The biggest business mistake you can make is neglecting your customer after they’ve made a purchase. The oldest and best known marketing tool is word of mouth.Someone’s awful experience with your service can prove to be very difficult to sweep under the rug, especially with customer reviews easily accessible on the web. Likewise, when a customer feels that your company has treated him/her well, the likelihood of a positive word of mouth about your business is high. The goal of relationship marketing is to build a strong, long-term customer engagement, not a quick customer acquisition. Focusing on relationship marketing minimizes the chances of a customer’s less than perfect experience spreading like wildfire. Personalized, data-driven marketing should be what every transaction in 2016 revolves around.

5. Increasing your 2016 content marketing budget

According to the Entrepreneur Magazine, companies are expecting to spend $10B more on digital marketing than they did in 2015. 50% of B2C companies say they plan to increase their content marketing budget by 32% in 2016. That’s a big leap! Increasing your content budget means increasing the amount of content you publish and the frequency in which you publish. Remember that your content is a business asset that can nurture site visitors and leads down the sales funnel 24/7. Will you consider increasing your budget in 2016?

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