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Finding Our Voice in 2022: New Perspective's Year in Review

Finding Our Voice in 2022: New Perspective's Year in Review

Looking back on this year I’d say it’s been amazing. A huge thank you goes out to the New Perspective family: the great community of clients, employees, colleagues and associates. 2022 has been an exhilarating journey. 

One huge step we took at New Perspective was committing to truly being ourselves in the content we put out. We decided it had to be uniquely ours or we wouldn’t publish it. We gambled, to be honest, that what you wanted to read wasn’t going to be another generic post about a generic topic in a generic voice. 

I’m happy to say that gamble paid off — and that’s a lesson for all of us. When you want to say something, say it — in your voice. 

On top of creating some great resources that get tapped into again and again, we published some 44 blogs — by yours truly as well as the new perspective team. We covered great HubSpot tools and secrets. We looked at strategies for marketing must-do’s in Cleantech, Sustainability, and Cannabis B2B. 

We gathered the best insider tips and tricks for optimizing SEO, creating a great Web design, producing great content, leveraging paid media, and making competitive-edge moves on social media. We focused on best practices for B2B marketing and branding. We dove into research with both feet and looked at what truly works for our clients, and we shared the best of the best ideas.

Your Top 15

Of the top 15 most-read posts published this year on, many of the posts you loved the most are also the posts I loved the most. To name a few:

Yes, Marketing Has a Carbon Footprint

7 Ways to Reduce the Carbon Footprint of Your Marketing Efforts. I didn’t know that digital technologies are responsible for almost 4% of greenhouse gas emissions right now. By 2025 it will be twice that amount. But as the leader of a very ambitious marketing team I know we want to be part of the solution, not the problem. Enter the era of carbon-neutral marketing. This was the second-most read post of the year, which I find very gratifying. Yes: we can be driven and competitive and help the planet too. 

Clean that HubSpotData 

HubSpot CRM Data Hygiene: Why, How, and Our Recommended Best Practices. HubSpot is an amazing platform for digital marketers. What I find even with the most marketing savvy clients — and I say this with respect — is that it can feel like a mystery wrapped up in an enigma. One enormous gap in understanding has to do with simple housekeeping. Keeping your CRM clean is vital to good results. This was in the top five most-read, proving that our readers want to get it right. We’re happy to provide.

To Google Ad or Not to Google Ad

Running Google Ads as a Cannabis B2B: Everything You Need to Know. Do you or don’t you? What are the risks and what are the rewards? We decided to tackle the thorny issue of Google Ads for Cannabis B2Bs because we couldn’t find good answers out there. What we found was revealing to say the least: violating Google’s policies isn’t for everyone. You agreed, making this the top-read post of the year.  

Want Leads? Here’s How to Get Seen

3 Prime Movers in Great Cleantech Lead Generation. By 2030, the cleantech sector will be worth about  $74.64 billion in market size. That’s great news and not great news: how does a cleantech company get seen and heard in this enormous field? It’s not as complicated as you think. We did a primer on three kinds of content that are superheroes when it comes to lead generation, and it’s been getting a ton of attention since we published it.  

Learn More Words, Save the Earth

One more to mention from 2022’s top 15: A Guide to Sustainability Terms from Afforestation to Wastewater. We love glossaries, and so do you. They can make us all feel smarter in conversation and increase our depth of awareness. 

Looking into 2023

Plans for next year? We’ll continue to put out content, including blogs and glossaries, and we’ll be watching to see which ones hit that sweet spot for you. There are already a slew of great pieces in the works and I can’t wait to see how they land. 

In the meantime, I wish you a great holiday season from all of us. Stay curious, stay healthy, and see you next year.

Nathan Harris

Written By: Nathan Harris

Nathan Harris is the founder and CEO of New Perspective digital marketing agency.