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Your modern buyer's journey is mostly digital.

Has your sales team evolved to meet their expectations?

Strengthen Your Sales Team With Tools for Success

Today’s average sales team needs help and the data is compelling.

Struggle with prospecting
Followed by closing (36%) and qualifying (22%)
Failed to exceed their revenue quotas
Less than 1/3 are crushing it
Of a salesperson's day is spent on administration
Sales teams lack the proper tools to manage their time efficiently

Organize, Track & Engage

Here are the sales support services we offer to measurably improve your team’s performance.

CRM Setup

Each sales team must be able to collect and analyze information from their prospects with CRM software.

Map Customer Journey to Sales Process: To set up the CRM, we’ll first step into your client’s shoes to understand their buyer journey.

Define Team Goals: We’ll make sure that goals from each team are aligned to get everyone on the same page.

Customize the CRM to Your Needs: We’ll customize the CRM solution to support your sales process and ensure deals can move long smoothly and transparently.

Demand Generation

We’ll plan, build and execute a targeted demand generation campaign to help your business meet it’s growth goals.

Sales Messaging/USP: If you don’t believe in your product, no one will. We’ll align on your unique value  messaging to support buyer focused sales content.

Campaign Planning & Setup: Once we’ve aligned on some SMART goals and clearly identified who we are targeting, we’ll create a plan that addresses the ‘how’ and execute.

Campaign Execution: Supported by a strong strategy, we’ll leverage the the most effective tactics to drive engagement and revenue growth.

Customized Package

Our custom strategies and solutions complement the buying process to produce winning results.

Assess: There’s no one-size-fits-all approach to sales. We’ll conduct an audit on your sales process and create a custom strategy that fits your goals.

Identify: We’ll determine your current challenges and gaps to provide an impactful solution.

Implement: We’ll customize technology, document processes, and train your team members propel your business. We can also create and execute a demand generation plan that aligns with your business goals.

Kaizen Mindset: We value professional growth and strive to get better each day to adapt to the current market. Passion: We're passionate about driving growth for our clients. Proven Success: Industry leading businesses partner with us to leverage our expertise and drive business growth.

What Sets New Perspective Apart?

 Our growth agency structure, processes and technology stack is built to maximize our client partnerships. 

We have the core understanding, experience, and expertise in deploying demand generation programs that drive growth. You (the client) have the product knowledge and industry expertise that will make our efforts extraordinary.

Interested in a conversation?

Let’s talk. We’ve helped many sales teams customize their approach and tool stack to cater to the expectations of today's modern buyer's needs.



“With New Perspective’s ‘problem solver’ approach and continuous support, we were able to launch a beautiful website and create an entire inbound marketing strategy from scratch to help us increase our brand awareness and generate leads. I would recommend New Perspective without hesitation!”

Clemence Cragan, Socomec

“Our sales and marketing activities are incredibly aligned, and our New Perspective colleagues keep bringing new tools to help us assess the performance of our site—and to help us make the next enhancement. Our team at New Perspective is unbeatable— and indefatigable.” 

Pat Friedlander, Access TCA.

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