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New Agricultural Solutions Provider Startup Builds a Brand and Leads In Record Time

Innovative Cannabis
Growth Technology

Agrify’s hardware, software, and technology enables forward-thinking growers to produce consistent, high-quality crops at the lowest possible cost.

The company came to New Perspective as a startup with a completely blank slate with a big ask.

They needed a brand, a brand strategy, and an impactful online presence in the five month window leading up to the cannabis industry’s biggest and most critically important trade show.

You read that right. Just five months to establish a strategic plan in preparation for a business event which would have a major impact on their first year of growth.

We needed a plan. How could we best focus on what matters, work collaboratively with the client toward a common goal, and get an exciting new market entrant ready for launch?

“We brought New Perspective in shortly after receiving our funding, with a timetable that was beyond aggressive. We had less than 5 months to develop a new brand, establish a substantial online presence and prepare for the largest trade show in the world in our industry. The team made our mission theirs, gave us a KILLER brand and hit every milestone on the way to a massively successful launch. Couldn’t have done it without them!”



The Challenge

Newly funded and looking for a dynamic plan to support a big market launch, the Agrify business was extremely short on time, but nonetheless wanted to make a big splash and indelible impact with its market entrance.


A Comprehensive Brand Strategy

We worked to create a brand strategy playbook which established Agrify as clear brand leaders in the cannabis and agricultural grow solutions markets.


Establish and Grow Online Presence

Agrify launched a powerful new and fully modernized website.


Create An Impactful Demand Generation Plan

With MJBizCon as a mission-critical business-building event on the near horizon, we created a demand generation plan which synced with and leveraged the brand’s presence at an important industry gathering.

What Our
Partnership Delivered:

Nothing like a deadline to keep the team focused! The meticulous planning and preparation for Agrify’s official launch paid off as the web presence, demand generation plan, and tradeshow impact quickly established Agrify as a market leader to be reckoned with—even though the company was less than a year old.

Momentum like this is difficult to establish and even more difficult to maintain—but it is Agrify’s goal to capitalize on this success and to keep growing. They expect to be the uncontested leader in their market, breaking 9 digits in revenue by 2021.

Designed and developed a launchpad website on HubSpot’s award winning CMS, consisting of high value, high impact content needed to support the demand generation plan.

Rebranded corporate identity, including branding assets and a new logo.

Created an inbound marketing strategy which leveraged impactful content to reach and engage prospective customers.

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