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Your business might be one in an industry of thousands, but your website is something that separates you from your competition. There are several ways to make your site speak more effectively to your target audience – and generate more website leads.

How to Generate More Leads – Tell them who you are.

A huge aspect of your business that separates you from your competition is you – your story, your background, and your ideas. Potential leads want to know who they are working with. Small biographies with photos of your employees can help build trust. Leads want to know why they should choose your business. Give them a good reason. Emphasize your strengths, and show off your personality. Relationships matter in marketing, and an “About Us” page help leads take the first step.

Help potential leads find you with search engine optimization (SEO).

Put yourself in your buyer persona’s shoes. What terms are they searching for? Optimizing your website around those search terms, or keywords, can help you rank higher in search results. This will make it easier for prospects to find you.

Try using more specific keywords as opposed to broader terms in your industry. Not sure whether a keyword is specific enough? Try doing a quick Google search to see what kinds of results pop up. Do the results that appear line up with the intent of the keyword you wanted to use in the page/content/blog you’re creating?

Blog to show your expertise.

Writing about different topics in your industry or pain points your buyer persona is experiencing will make your business both reputable and helpful. Blogging with keywords your audience is searching for will help your blog show up higher in search engine results.

Tell your leads what to do next.

Including at least one call-to-action (CTA) button on every page will do wonders for improving your conversion rate by:

  • Guiding visitors to “gated content” in the form of landing pages, where you can collect their contact information and “nurture” them further with email marketing.
  • Give your visitors access to additional helpful resources that relate to the content of the page.

Make sure you the CTAs you place on a page make sense. Matching the right content offers to each page is key on how to generate more leads.

A tool we like to use in addition to graphic CTAs is Leadin, which places tasteful pop-ups on designated pages.
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Capture leads with forms and landing pages.

HubSpot survey showed that companies with 30+ landing pages on their website generated 7x more leads than companies with 1 to 5 landing pages.

Generate leads with “gated content;” you give them something for free if they give you their contact information and other relevant information. Use catchy messaging, and be clear about what they’ll get in return (along with why they should be excited about getting it).

Forms are important, too. Best practices show that forms with more than 5 form field reduce conversion rate. However, if your offer has high value, you can consider putting fields in your form with questions that will help qualify users as leads. For example, ask them about their current problems or goals. This information can come in handy later on in the relationship when your lead reaches the stage where a member of your sales team should reach out to them.

Tailor your leads’ user experience with personalization.

Customize your lead’s experience with personalization tokens (cookies and the help of your marketing automation platform can help facilitate this). Include their name on forms and pages to make them feel like you know them – in a non-creepy fashion.

How to Generate More Leads – Assume nothing. Test everything.

Hypotheses need to be tested in order to know whether your efforts were worthwhile. Start with creating two variations of your forms, site pages, landing pages, and CTAs. Then, perform A/B testing (or split testing) to determine which version performs better. For example, test different color CTA buttons to see which one gets more clicks. Half of your site traffic will be shown the original version, while the other half are shown the modified version. Experimenting with different wording, imagery, and formatting can help create an effective website and improve its conversion rate.

In sum, a strategic approach can help you win over your visitors and turn them into customers. It may take some time, but optimizing your website for lead generation can help your business get greater volume and higher quality leads.

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