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If you run an ecommerce website, you know that keeping your site well maintained and communicating with your customers can take a large chunk out of your day. Fortunately, there are quite a few Ecommerce Automations to keep your site crisp and your customers happy. Below are three of our favorite ways to use automation in the ecommerce marketplace:

Three Places to Use Ecommerce Automation to Add to Your Ecommerce Bottom Line


1. Target Email Promotions.

If you send all of your contacts the same burst email message, you’re ignoring repeat customers or shoppers who have abandoned their carts before checkout. More importantly, non-segmented emails don’t feel personalized.

All email marketing should feel like a conversation between the client and the company, not like the company shouting promotions on a megaphone.

By automating your emails, you can account for where your customers are inthe sales cycle. With that information, you can tailor your email marketing to that client and help him or her feel more connected to your company and hence increase your sales.We like Hubspot for its ease-of-use, its fantastic email segmentation capabilities, and its range of features, which make the platform adaptable to most any type of business.

2. In-Stock Notifications.

Another place automation can really help your ecommerce effort is by sending notifications to those customers who have expressed interest in a product that was out-of-stock. Perhaps a pair of shoes or apparel wasn’t available in their size when they visited your site. Maybe, they are looking for a seasonal item that won’t be available until a certain date. Letting them know as soon as that product becomes available, rather than relying on their checking back periodically, can help you close the sale and prevent that customer from stumbling upon the product from another vendor.

Similar logic can be applied to Wishlist and Price Notification automations, with some additional input from your customers.

3. Follow-Up Orders.

If your customer has purchased a consumable item, it makes good business sense to follow-up with them when they are likely to need more of the product. By automating this function, you can make sure you are touching base with them during that crucial period when they are looking for more of your product.


Making sure that you don’t miss a sales opportunity doesn’t have to be an impossible task. Let us show you how to harness the power of automation to help you get the most from your ecommerce efforts. Call us to schedule a consultation today.