Account-Based Marketing FOR B2B COMPANIES

Goodbye, Nightmare Leads.
Hello, Dream Clients.

The ABC’s of ABM

Account-Based Marketing moves your focus away from nightmare leads over to dream clients, from what keeps you up at night to what gets you up in the morning, from incremental gains to lasting success.

Account-Based Marketing is a proactive client-acquisition strategy that focuses on the highest-value accounts in your niche. It makes Marketing and Sales work closely together to identify key targets, create fully personalized buying experiences, and nurture long-term relationships. Done well, ABM will deliver a higher return on investment than any other B2B marketing strategy.

What B2B businesses get with
Account-Based Marketing

Account-Based Marketing does more with less.
This focused approach brings numerous benefits to your entire business. Here are the main ones.

ABM is Zero-Waste Marketing

Account-Based Marketing increases conversion rates by targeting more narrowly and delivering truly personalized experiences to high-value clients.

Sales and Marketing Alignment

To deliver truly personalized experiences to high-value clients, Account-Based Marketing facilitates the cross-team alignment of Sales and Marketing.

Get More Consistent Leads and Results That Will Last

Cross-team alignment of Sales and Marketing leads to more consistent customer interactions. An excellent way to build a lasting sense of delight among key customers.

Account-Based Marketing Works for B2B, And You Can Prove It

A lasting sense of delight among key customers drives ROI. The results of your account-based efforts—from individual campaigns to overall accounts—are easy to track, measure, and optimize.

Abm offer

Is Your Company
Ready for Account Based Marketing ?

Account-Based Marketing
The Six-Step Process


Find Your Target Audience

Your new buyer persona is not a persona, it’s a robust organization. Use owned and third-party business intelligence to define your ideal targets based on key strategic factors such as revenue potential, influence on the market, and long-term perspective. Companies that meet these parameters are the ones you want to go after.


Know Your Target Clients

A personalized approach is key to success in Account Based Marketing. To personalize, you first have to gain a clear picture of your target audience. In this case, the target organization. Who are the decision-makers, how do they make decisions, what are their priorities? The more you know, the better.


Speak language of your target accounts

Use your knowledge of your target account’s needs to tailor engaging and helpful messaging. Engage all relevant decision-makers/influencers and appeal to their biggest pain points. This approach helps build trust as you offer your thoughtful solution to their problem.


Choose Your  Marketing Channels

You have the content, you need the medium. Think about which channels your decision-makers are most likely to use. Then think about which channels provide the right context for your offers. Find the overlap. This is where you want to reach them with account-based marketing.


Align and Coordinate Across Teams

It’s go-time. Make sure that all of your efforts are well-coordinated across teams and channels. Leverage CRM and marketing automation tools to execute account-based marketing campaigns more smoothly and efficiently.


ABM – Test, Measure, Optimize

ABM is an iterative process. Test, measure, and optimize your efforts along the way to minimize expenses and maximize results. Keep track of individual campaigns, account-level analytics, and overall return on investment to get the whole picture.

Want to go Fishing with ABM?

The big fish. Every market has them. Every business dreams of catching them. Some cast a wide net and hope for the best. Others dive in with their spear and go straight for the grand prize. What’s the right strategy for you? Can Account-Based Marketing help capture your whale? Schedule a conversation with our team to get a deeper insight.