Visibility in Search is Critical

Do you know which rankings your consumers click on? We do!

Search engine optimization, or SEO, is the practice of fine-tuning a web presence so it lands in the top spots on Google and Bing. It’s a nuanced game of crafting useful and engaging content,  targeting the right keywords and a variety of other signal generating activities. The rules can change without warning and today’s successful ranking might not make tomorrow’s cut.

75% of users never scroll past the first page of search results.

(Source: Search Engine Journal)


As search engines become more sophisticated and their rankings algorithms more complex, the SEO pros at New Perspective stay a step ahead to keep you at the top of the rankings.

The type of winning SEO strategy developed by New Perspective is a long-term play that starts at project inception and threads through every element of your website, optimizing each to deliver high organic search engine results. We:

  • Research and implement the most influential and strategically prudent keywords and phrases that get you in front of your preferred demographic
  • Leverage best practices for website URL formatting, including page titles, meta data and cross browser compatible source code
  • Embed microdata to help search engines understand—and stick to—your content
  • Develop a link-building program that will boost your site’s popularity
  • Monitor and adjust tactics continually to keep your rankings high.


Organic Rankings Count

Why are the rankings so critical? Your consumers aren’t searching for paid ads; they’re looking for organic results: nearly 80% say they always or frequently click on the organic results, not the paid ads. And the top five organic search results get 87% of the clicks, with the number one spot drawing 53% of those clicks. That’s where you need to be.

White Hat vs. Black Hat

With organic rankings being a key driver of your web traffic, you can see why SEO is so important to your site’s success. Your competition is adapting to search engine changes and adopting new strategies to improve their page rank, too. There are plenty of shady “black hat” tactics that boost rankings——like repeating keywords or adding long strings of them onto the bottom of a page—but those risk running afoul of SEO policies and drawing repercussions from Google and other search engines. Avoid the black hat tactics and their risks. NPWS relies on white hat tactics only, like offering useful, continually updated and interesting content. Our goal is to elevate your search engine ranking through strategic use of best practices.

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