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Decoding Greenwashing: A Dive into Environmental Communications

Environmental communication aims to promote your company, your brand, and your products as environmentally responsible, building on real commitment and achievements. Effective environmental communication can be distinguished from “greenwash” - a term for superficial or misleading communication which aims to present a company or a product as greener than it actually is.


Greenwash is a risky and potentially damaging strategy and should be avoided. In this Launchpad episode we discuss what businesses can do to make sure they don't miss the point when making sustainability-related claims and embracing eco-friendly messaging.

Guest: Angela Boskovic, an environmental communication educator based in Montenegro, Europe, and the founder of Eko Korijen LLC. Through 1:1 consulting and team workshops, she helps businesses and green NGOs craft communication plans & marketing campaigns without giving way to greenwashing. Andjela holds a Master's degree in Environmental Policy and a Bachelor's degree in Journalism. She has diverse work experience involving environmental journalism, copywriting, project management, event organization, etc.

About our host

Dunja Jovanović is the founder of the Ffm platform which is focused on education on sustainable fashion, advocacy, and development of tools that promote and enable environmentally friendly habits among the general public.

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