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A Data Driven Approach Towards Website Redesign

The online marketplace is continuously evolving, and businesses must evolve along with it. New Perspective’s growth-driven design helps businesses keep up and grow by combining site redesign and marketing.

GrowthDriven Design (or "GDD") is a new approach to web design aimed at creating a peak-performing website with less waste in half the time. Instead of trying to cram all the work required to create a new website into a few months and then crossing your fingers and praying it has the desired effect, Growth-Driven Design projects are founded on the principle of continuous iterative improvements.


In simpler terms, this model takes a nitty-gritty approach, one that involves using data to develop page-specific strategies and customize features to maximize the impact of the website. Redesigning websites using a GDD process can be rigorous, but with our team on your side, you can expect to stay on track.  

Traditional Redesign vs. growth-driven design

Minimize Risks of Traditional Web Design. Traditional web design is reactionary: you launch, improve what works, fix what doesn’t, and typically wait for issues to arise before changing anything. Your website is your strongest sales tool and biggest advocate for your brand – it needs constant upkeep to remain viable during the life of your company.

Maximize Results Using Thorough User Research. After launch, we’ll start collecting data from your site’s visitors. Your visitor data is invaluable for keeping your website viable and relevant to potential customers.

Implement Strategic Phases of Continuous Improvement. Your website should always be an accurate representation of your brand.  We will help you achieve this by combining our thorough understanding of your business goals with the data sets collected during continuous improvement stage.  Your company goals and visitor data help influence your website's continuous improvement phase. We set up benchmarks so we know exactly where we can move on to the next business goal.

GDD is an iterative, ongoing process, which makes it all the more necessary to have a long-term partner. This adaptive model involves rigorous regular testing and auditing to identify areas of improvement and tightly integrate these changes to your business’s unique goals.

Our role is to continuously monitor and audit your site and use these insights to revamp your overall marketing game plane. Build a future-proof website with New Perspective, a leading source of growth driven design.

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