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Here at New Perspective, we’re all about lifting up our skirt and showing our own inbound marketing software to clients, prospects, friends, and family.  Admittedly, “lifting the skirt” probably isn’t the best expression to use in client-facing meetings, but it’s a pretty good descriptor of what we do each day.

We feel it’s important to practice what we preach, so we’re happy to show prospects and customers our HubSpot Dashboard. They can see key metrics that we track, such as visits, conversions, and customers. They can dig even deeper and see the tactics we use– social media, keywords, SEO, email, sales notifications, and CRM– and how we track our returns.

Before joining New Perspective, I worked at HubSpot and spent my time working with marketing agencies. The phrase “the cobbler’s kids have no shoes” was commonly heard when working with these agencies. “Why,” you ask?  Because marketing agencies often prioritize their clients’ marketing over their own.  Besides, it’s very difficult to market a marketing agency because all of the competition are marketers (say that five times fast!).

Why We Like to Lift Up Our Inbound Marketing Software Skirt

From their work with thousands of marketing agencies around the globe, HubSpot identified that the agencies who put their marketing first grew a lot faster.  Here are three core reasons why:

  1. They generated more leads
  2. They generated better fit leads
  3. They closed more business

Marketing agencies who are dedicated to their own marketing grow because they can show their clients and prospects that their secret sauce actually works. They can walk people through their own buyer’s journey— the one that led them to the agency’s website to begin with– and show them the tactics that they use to move prospects through their inbound marketing funnels. Not to mention that they use inbound marketing software tools all day, every day.  So who better to actually do their own marketing than a marketing agency themselves?

If you’re considering working with an agency, they need to be able to show you that they are practicing their own advice.  Don’t hire the cobbler who doesn’t have any shoes, (or the marketing agency that doesn’t market their own business).

New Perspective provides website and inbound marketing solutions that drive growth by building an in depth understanding of our client’s business and establishing a solid foundation for accelerated growth. How? We use a 4 step proven process that we’ve tried, tested, and continue to use.

To find out what’s in our secret sauce, tune in next week when we will outline our 4 step process in detail.  I’ll give you a hint– part of our process involves a New Perspective marketing demo, where we’ll show you exactly what our sales and marketing funnels look like.  If you’re interested in learning how HubSpot software tools operate in real time, then reach out to us for a website health check.

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