Many people are quick to say that email doesn’t matter anymore, and many manufacturing companies are ready to believe that it will not work for them. Of course, we think that’s not quite right.

What is dead is buying lists and blasting strangers with a not-so-subtle sales pitch. If those messages even make it past the spam filters, the recipient is almost guaranteed to be annoyed. When email marketing is done right, however, it can be a powerful tool for building relationships with customers.

What Email Marketing Really Is

When most people think of email marketing, the first thing that probably comes to mind is spam. On the other hand, we all get marketing messages in our inboxes every day that we’re happy to read and engage with. Whether it’s a how-to video for a product we’re considering or a discount on a future purchase, we welcome these messages without hesitation.

Maybe that’s because we don’t really think of them as marketing. They’re just helpful information from trusted brands about things we’re genuinely interested in. When you think of email marketing in those terms, it starts to become clearer why manufacturers should get in the game.

How Email Marketing Helps Manufacturers

The primary benefit of email marketing for manufacturers is the ability to create and maintain relationships. Once a customer or prospect has shown interest in a product and provided you with their contact information, you’ll be able to keep the information flowing. As you help people research and make buying decisions, you’ll also be building trust and showing people that they can count on you for answers.

Here are a few more reasons to give email a try:

  • Personalization. More than just using a form to stick someone’s first name in the message, email personalization is about understanding why people came to you in the first place and what stage in the buying process they are in. Then, you personalize the messages they receive based on their needs.
  • Automation. Don’t let that idea spook you! When we say “automated,” we don’t mean automatically sending out hundreds of thousands of emails in an instant. Instead, the idea is to set up paths for prospects and customers that automatically generate messages based on their activity.
    For example, if someone has supplied you with an email address in exchange for a white paper on a particular product, this would automatically trigger a follow-up email in a couple days that’s related to that product. Or, if someone has recently made a purchase, an email might automatically go out shortly after with helpful tips and tricks for using that product.
  • Cost. When it comes to marketing strategies, email is one of the most affordable out there. That’s because you’re not spending a ton of money on ad space or printing costs. Instead, you only need to dedicate the resources to developing your strategy and crafting the messages. After that, it’s all about checking in with the results of your efforts and making small changes along the way based on feedback.

Building Relationships

Although much of the email process can be automated, it’s still an excellent tool for bringing in new customers while keeping the old ones happy and coming back for more. The key is to think of it as keeping in touch, not a one-and-done thing. Over time, people will grow to trust you and your brand. Then, when it’s time to make a purchase, you’re the one that comes to mind.

Stop ignoring email marketing and start building new relationships. If you need help creating your strategy, contact New Perspective and we’ll get started right away!