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Why Businesses Don’t Want to Hire a Marketing Agency

Top 3 Reasons Firms Don't Want to Hire A Marketing Agency

Time has come to hire a marketing agency for your B2B manufacturing business

When it comes to leading consumers to your brand, nothing is more important than your website. To get a great website, you need to hire a marketing agency. People are no longer relying on you to deliver information about your offerings. Now they’re able to do much of the necessary research on their own.

You need to be where your potential customers are, so it’s crucial to have a good website. This starts with digital marketers. But wait. If you say the word “marketer” to someone in a manufacturing company, they might run the other way. What is going on? You need marketers, so why does everyone seem to hate them?

Why do marketers have a bad rap with B2B manufacturing companies?

The answer lies in a long history of bad experiences with marketers. Remember, the internet is still fairly new. And in the early days of any new technology, there’s going to be a bit of trial and error. In the beginning, marketers had a focus on only one thing when designing a website: getting it to the top of the search results. The difficult part of this was that no one knew how search engines worked.

Therefore, marketers had to come up with strategies to trick the search engines and put a website at the top. This was great for a company, until a few months later when the search algorithm changed. Then your manufacturing website needed another refresh so it could keep attracting visitors.

This trial and error system of tricking the search engines was as costly as it was frustrating. In order to stay at the top, a company would need to update their website to incorporate all the new tricks that the marketers used. On top of that, website refreshes were on a project basis.

Every time a website needed a redesign, the marketer got an upfront fee. Next time it needed help, you needed to pay another fee. Who has the time or the money for that?

After the long and expensive process of redesigning a website, of course you would want to know if it was worth it. However, too often if a marketer was asked about ROI, they would avoid the question.

Instead they push “brand awareness” as a concept that was impossible to measure. In reality, it boiled down to “We don’t know if it helped.” What? How is a company supposed to trust a profession that seems to rely on trickery and jargon?

Especially when manufacturing marketers build strong relationships of trust with buyers and suppliers? A specialized marketing agency can be the answer.

What has changed in the marketing industry?

Negative reputations are hard to shake off. So begins the process of clearing the name of the marketer. Things have changed (really!) and marketers are beginning to practice their art in a much more open way.

Gone are the days of tricking search engines and avoiding any questions about whether the website is actually benefiting you.

The focus is gravitating toward attracting consumers to your site by giving them what they want. Helpful content. No more sneaking around!

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