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Have you ever had a poor dining experience? You wait an hour for a table only to get a meal that wasn’t as delicious as you’d hoped. You leave frustrated and disappointed, probably never to return. Sadly, a negative experience with your website, online store, or mobile app can have the same impact. Your web presence is a direct representation of your company, and every experience your customer has with your brand should leave them coming back for more. Here are some ideas and tools you can apply to your web design process that will get visitors hooked.

The Web Design Process

Growth-Driven Design

A website redesign can be a risky task. The traditional website design process operates on industry best practices and the designer’s choices. The performance of the final product remains a mystery until after launch when the team is able to collect data. Designers have worked hard over the past 10-20 years to cut the risks of a redesign by transitioning to an agile, user-centered design process known as Growth-Driven Design (GDD).

The goal of GDD is to shorten the time to launching a new, testable product that will go through iterative changes over time based on real user data.

An Agile Tool Stack

A shift in process usually means a change in tools. There is a breadth of tools to choose from, and it is important to select the right t for your web project. Your tool stack should aid your process, not complicate it. Here are a few of our favorite web design tools to try during your next agile web design project.


Web Design Process Tools We Love


Wouldn’t it be great to get inside of your visitor’s heads and know exactly what they’re thinking as they navigate your site? That wish is now a reality with Hotjar. No, it is not psychic. Hotjar combines helpful analysis and feedback tools which allow you to measure and observe your visitor’s clicks, mobile device taps, and mouse movements. The observation tools include webpage heatmaps, visitor recordings, conversion funnels, and form analytics. Hotjar can help your team eliminate the guesswork and identify specific usability issues your site may have. It also offers invaluable feedback polls and surveys allowing you to collect responses from real people. Not to mention, there’s an easy-to-implement free version to get you up and running.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a service that tracks and reports on a website’s traffic. It is the most popular web analytics service in use and with good reason. Many other web analytics platforms mine their data from Google Analytics; you might as well go straight to the source. In addition to the standard subscription, Google offers more robust packages like Google Analytics 360 and Premium; you can tailor your analytics plan to suit your needs.

Gather Content

Having trouble keeping track of your new website content? Gather Content is a simplified content management system that allows you and your team to write, publish, share, and give feedback all in one place.

UX Pin

Still using Photoshop files for website design? Make the dreaded ‘homepage-final-version5-approved.psd’ a thing of the past. Move from wireframes to interactive prototypes in no time by taking advantage of UX Pin’s creative and collaborative platform.


So you’re in the middle of your agile GDD website redesign (or “refresh”), and you’re thinking of ways to reel in the visitors. GDD complements inbound marketing very nicely. HubSpot is an all-inclusive inbound marketing software platform that helps companies to grow their traffic and convert higher quality leads.


Do your website graphics need some love? Canva is a great way to begin updating the look and feel of your graphic content without the help of a professional designer. Canva offers a variety of templates and image resources that can be easily customized.

Those are just a few of the tools that can help you get through an agile website design process. However, this is only the beginning! Got questions about Growth Driven Design? Need a second opinion on your site “hit list?” Schedule your free consultation today!

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