Demand Generation

Demand generation is a data-driven marketing strategy that creates awareness of and interest in a company’s offerings through the use of technology. A true demand generation strategy accounts for every touchpoint in the buyer’s journey — all the way from anonymous visitor to delighted customer.

According to Forrester, two-thirds of B2B buyers say they can make a purchase decision based on online research alone. They will visit your website.

When a prospect visits your website, you have their curiosity. If they stay on your website long enough, you have their attention. Once you have their attention, you can secure their trust. With trust comes their hard-earned money. But there’s a long journey between curiosity and trust.

Getting more people into the funnel won’t necessarily help you grow. Guiding more people to the bottom will. It’s your job to anticipate their needs and align your marketing with them every step of the way. A great buyer’s journey feels like gliding down a smooth slide. It’s effortless, it’s exciting, it makes you want to do it again. Can you say that about your funnel?