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Tips For Launching a Sustainable Fashion Business

In this episode, we gave basic resources for launching a sustainable fashion business. While this content is great for conscious brand founders, we also wanted to inform everyone: whether you’re curious to know the behind-the-scenes sustainable production stories or you want a deeper understanding of the industry.

🌱 There is a growing movement and community that is pushing for change and reshaping the fashion industry.

🕑 💡 KEY MOMENTS ==================

  • 00:00 Introduction
  • 06:24 👗 The past and present of fashion and sustainability
  • 08:08 🌱 Maria's journey to slow fashion
  • 12:54 👗 Rethinking raw materials
  • 15:43 🌱 Degrowth and slow fashion
  • 18:20 🌱 Reshaping the future through textile agriculture


About our host

Dunja Jovanović is the founder of the Ffm platform which is focused on education on sustainable fashion, advocacy, and development of tools that promote and enable environmentally friendly habits among the general public.


This podcast is proudly sponsored by New Perspective Marketing, a dynamic growth marketing agency in Boston, MA, celebrating 20 years in business. We help sustainably focused B2B organizations grow their brands and scale up revenue. If you or your organization is looking to grow, visit for more info.

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