About Jared

Jared is a Managing Partner and the Director of Client Success at New Perspective. He oversees the production team and client success.

He earned his Master’s Degree in architecture in 2008 and worked at an architectural and engineering firm for the next four years. His architecture background has had a big impact on how he views the world and his work; it has given him an appreciation for complex systems and a love of solving problems by using design principles. Jared left the architecture field in 2011 and began working at New Perspective. Since then, he has been helping clients to find success with inbound marketing.

Jared believes that in life, you’ll always have to solve problems. Loving your job means you have to love solving the type of problems you’ll encounter in your day to day work.

He shows his love for his work by tackling problems head-on and living by his motto: “The waves will always keep coming, you just have to keep paddling.” He is an active person who has always been involved in a variety of activities: he’s been skiing since he was two, has a vast, ever-growing music collection, enjoys painting, and loves travelling, especially to Paris. He enjoys basketball and still finds time to watch the Celtics – but nowadays his main hobbies include keeping up with home and kid!



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