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About Us

New Perspective is a growth agency.  We help increase client engagement, boost lead acquisition and create a competitive advantage for our clients.  Forward-thinking companies recognize the ever-changing nature of digital marketing and rely on New Perspective to help manage that change strategically while delivering high-impact results.

The New Perspective team is committed to serving our clients and creating a measurable return from your marketing investment. As the digital marketing landscape has evolved over the years, so has our agency. At the center of all that happens here in the daily hustle are our people. To work and thrive here at New Perspective requires a commitment to our core values. Our team members are true professionals who get up each day ready and motivated to make it happen. 

Our Culture


At New Perspective, we know that big things come in small packages - especially when it comes to our team. While we may not be the biggest agency, companies choose to hire us for our experience, strategic approach and talented team. We have a passion for collaboration, creativity and supporting our client's goals for growth. Our culture code defines who we are and what we value. We strive to build trustworthy relationships with our client's and and with one another.  Plus, we regularly make take time for creative play. We believe that play creates trust - and trust transcends everything we do. It unifies our strengths and weaknesses and empowers us to tackle adversity head on. In our industry we know that change is the only constant and we embrace this with open arms. We recognize that change is not always easy. That’s why at New Perspective we believe in making data-driven decisions and continuous improvement for both ourselves and our clients.


Our Core Values



We choose to carry a positive attitude at work.


We are passionate about marketing and technology.


Our problem solving and work product is creative.


Change is the only certainty; embrace it, and grow with open arms.


We earn trust through our actions. 


Respect: spread positive energy everywhere you go.

We’re New Perspective

Meet the Team

New Perspective helped redirect the focus from “nice-looking site” to “nice-looking, hard-working site.” Our sales and marketing activities are incredibly aligned, and our New Perspective colleagues keep bringing new tools to help us assess the performance of our site—and to help us make the next enhancement. Our team at New Perspective is unbeatable—and indefatigable. Our company can track much of our revenue growth to our online presence, and New Perspective has been with us every step of the way.   - Pat Friedlander, Access TCA

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Databox Premier Partner

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