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Social Media Marketing Is Underrated

Our integrated campaign management services execute and maintain social media marketing efforts in coordination with traditional online marketing campaigns. Management support can include daily social postings across various media networks like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Pinterest, along with targeted outreach to audience-appropriate bloggers.

We develop successful social media strategies with a 4-step process:

1. Identify Target Audience

The first step in planning your social media strategy is to identify where your potential clients and customers are hiding by creating a customer profile. The media landscape is a jungle of Twitter feeds, blog posts, Facebook timelines, and YouTube comment brawls. We will speak with company staff and your existing customers in order to create an ideal customer profile.

2. Leverage The Right Social Channels

Next, we examine community. Each of the many social media channels has its own distinctive community (or multiple communities). Your customers are likely involved in more than place, carrying out more than one activity; we identify which of those channels are most likely to be productive for your message.


3. Composing Engagement-Focused Content

Knowing the community of interest, we can design an effective, compelling message for that specific group. We leverage the specific nature of your product or service, and your unique understanding of your customer base, to find the most effective approaches and the right channels for your messaging. That messaging will draw organic interest and self-motivated shoppers to your online storefront, website, or media channel.

4. Monitor & Analyze Activity

With a target audience identified and locked-in, and a message that resonates to that audience filtering into their common habitats, it’s time to analyze and assess the effectiveness of our effort. The results of social media marketing campaigns are very different from Web site analytics tools that measure traffic and page views. The type of metrics that are most important when measuring social media marketing success include amount of Retweets received, blog comment activities, new links attributed to a social media campaign, visitor engagement, Facebook likes and refers as well as page views and YouTube video views. Our engagement experts constantly hone these measures, and find or develop new ones, to create a culture of continuous process improvement for your social media effort. 

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