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A New Marketing Strategy For Your Unique Industry Challenges

Marketing for Technology Companies All Sound the Same - Make Yours Stand Out

As a Marketing Manager or VP of Marketing tasked with marketing for technology companies, you face unique challenges. Your product isn’t as “exciting” as all the marketing examples you read about and your industry is flooded with content marketing noise that seems impossible to cut through.

Does your science or technology company struggle to convey your expertise and story through marketing? Are you challenged with conveying it to the right person at the right time? If this sounds like you, you may need a more strategic inbound marketing approach.

Is it time for your organization to change?​

01 Target the Real Decision Makers​

As a tech company, the end users and the decision makers often aren’t the same people. We analyze your buyer personas, buyer’s journey, and your audience to help you fully understand your buyer and how to reach them.

02 Create Better Content Marketing​

Not getting results from your content marketing efforts? Reaching the wrong people or reaching nobody at all? We create a specific content marketing strategy that makes sure your content is focused on your audience, not just your product. Targeted content that is part of a larger strategy allows you to convey your company’s story and expertise to your ideal audience for maximum effectiveness.

03 Generate Higher Quality Leads​

Sometimes increasing lead generation isn’t enough. You need to generate high-quality leads and nurture them through the sale. Our inbound marketing methodology ensures you’re attracting and converting the decision maker, and giving your sales team the tools they need to close the sale.

04 Know That Your Marketing Is Working​

Struggling to calculate the ROI of your marketing efforts? Want to know which marketing initiatives are showing you the best results? We help collect and analyze data to continuously improve your inbound marketing. Not only does this help prove the effectiveness of the marketing department, it helps inform future strategies.

If you’re looking to tell your brand story through inbound marketing and are ready for a partner to guide you towards massive growth, let’s chat!

Technology Marketing Starts With Strategy

If your digital marketing efforts aren’t seeing results, it’s time to take a hard look at your marketing strategy. When polled, 53% of technology marketers say a lack of strategy is the main reason for stagnant content marketing success.. Our strategy-first approach doesn’t attempt to fix one small part of your marketing. We look at your entire digital marketing presence and create a strategy specific to your brand and industry to make sure you’re optimizing every stage of the customer journey:
  • Content and SEO to attract your ideal audience.
  • Website optimization to convert visitors.
  • Sales optimization and marketing automation to close sales.
  • Seamless sales and marketing experience to delight customers.

Agency Marketing for Technology Companies

At New Perspective we specialize in creating complete marketing strategies for science and technology companies. Clients such as Williamson, Nyacol, Chasm, Socomec, NovoCarbon, and Mass Biomed come to us for a long-term partner that acts as an extension of their existing marketing team.

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