Feeding Energy Monster With Branding, Web Design, and Inbound

Energy Monster is an energy efficiency contractor that aims to help homeowners increase their homes’ efficiency, increasing comfort and lowering their energy bills.


“We set some aggressive new business goals, so we worked with our partners at New Perspective to develop a strategy to help make it happen. They took our growth goals and backed into a strong plan with monthly targets and clear attribution reporting. Not only that, but along the way New Perspective has helped our team gain important knowledge, specifically bridging the gap between what we do, what they do, and how it all ties together. We heartily recommend their entire team!”

Courtney Hider

Eenrgy Monster

The Challenge

Energy Monster and New Perspective have been working together for a long time. Over the years, Energy Monster’s challenges and goals have changed considerably as their business has grown and evolved. From branding to inbound marketing, our partnership has grown and adapted consistently to meet their needs.

The Solution(s)

During initial engagements with Energy Monster, the main focus was on branding. Energy Monster wanted their brand presence to be fun, personable, and capable of building an emotional connection with their audience.

Together, we created a monster! New Perspective’s team took a sketch that Energy Monster’s founder had come up with and we built upon it, eventually coming up with Wattson: the little green monster intent on helping you save energy. The result is a unique element that makes a big impact on their brand presence.

Energy Monster knew they needed a great website
that spoke directly to their target persona.

We worked with them to design and develop a website that could grow with them. We believe in continuous improvement. Energy Monster has grown; they are not the same company they were years ago. Their website needs to reflect that, so we consistently make small, impactful updates to the site. Examples include:

  • Adding Solar website pages, including FAQs, examples of their work, and detailed information on specific solar questions that real people are asking.
  • Creating a Massachusetts Home MVP Program pillar page. Energy Monster is one of only a handful of contractors in Massachusetts to offer services through the Home MVP Program, so they knew they needed to highlight it! This pillar page helps site visitors better understand the service and its benefits.

Redesigning the Energy Monster Homepage

We identified that people were visiting their website more and more frequently on mobile devices. In fact, their mobile conversion rate has almost doubled year over year. To capitalize on this, we updated their homepage and added tracked conversion points. These give us a better idea of who visits their website and what pages they’re clicking on next.

With a great brand identity and a website worthy of showing off, the next step was to draw attention to Energy Monster with inbound marketing.

Over the years, their inbound marketing has changed and evolved with their business. New Perspective has worked with them every step of the way, from blogging to creating videos and in-depth lead nurturing campaigns.

Throughout the years, the most important aspect of our marketing partnership is flexibility. Together, Energy Monster and New Perspective have a clear, actionable marketing plan. However, being an energy contractor, Energy Monster’s needs may literally change with the seasons. As their strategic partner, we are ready to take on the next challenge and help them adapt.


Energy Monster’s strong continued partnership with New Perspective has impacted their business in a variety of ways over the years; as their needs and goals change, we are always ready to adapt.

As a result of our marketing partnership, here are a few of the notable results Energy Monster has seen:

  • 75% increase in non-paid traffic (year-over-year)
  • 100% increase in mobile conversion rate (year-over-year)
  • 30% increase in local listings reach across major search networks (year-over-year)
  • 56% increase in solar services page views (year-over-year)
  • 32% increase in average time spent on solar services pages (year-over-year)


Increase In Non-Paid Website Traffic


Increase In In Mobile Conversion Rate


Increase In Local Listings Reach)

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