CHASM Takes The Leap
To Triple The Leads

The Client

CHASM is a venture-backed company focused on the development and manufacture of next-generation energy storage materials and transparent conductive films based upon carbon nanotube technology.

“What really impressed me—while working with New Perspective—is their meticulous strategic process. They don’t leave anything to chance. They make sure to precisely define who the customer is, how we can reach them, and what kind of messaging resonates with them. That really struck a chord with me.” 

Jim Boudreau   

— VP, Marketing & Sales, CHASM Advanced Materials  

The Challenge

CHASM had three primary goals when they reached out to New Perspective. The goals were:

A completely new marketing strategy

CHASM needed a new marketing strategy to support its transformation from an advanced material consultancy to a custom solutions manufacturer. This posed a series of challenges.

Website that reflects its new positioning

The company had to develop a completely new customer acquisition strategy, making the switch from strictly referral-based customer acquisition to a fully-fledged demand generation plan. CHASM has a highly specific target audience of approximately 20,000 engineers, designers, and product managers from all over the world. It needed an efficient way to reach them, and it needed compelling messaging to reposition its brand, generate new leads, and fill their new sales pipeline.

Website that centralizes analytics and reporting

Time was running out. The largest industry trade show was only five months away. “Having launched many companies, I knew we had no choice but to bring in an agency,” explains Jim Boudreau, the head of marketing at CHASM, adding: “We needed creative support. We needed infrastructure support. We needed demand generation support. It was a question of expertise and bandwidth that we could not build quickly enough or to the level of capability that would have made an impact.”

The Solution

New Perspective worked closely with the CHASM team to understand the market and the company, diagnose the biggest issues, and set measurable goals. Together, we went through a detailed strategic process that took the guesswork out of the picture. We had a strong foundation to build on.

In order to help them hit their company goals for the year, we:

Launched a fully redesigned and modernized website in under 90 days.

The website was built on HubSpot CMS
with a gated Salesforce pipeline management system.

We created a detailed demand generation plan to help CHASM rise to new heights.

The Results

CHASM met all of its goals. The new marketing stack was delivered in time for the largest trade show in their industry, helping the company generate more leads and booth visits than any other exhibitor—more than tripling their lead generation in support of their sales efforts.

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