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Creating a Monster

Successful businesses all have one thing in common.  They were started by a person or a team of people who set out to create something remarkable. Often it’s not just a product or service that drives success.  It's the culture, core values, and the DNA of an organization that sets any business apart from their competitors.

When the founder of Energy Monster met us in 2011 with nothing but an idea and a napkin sketch, we knew instantly that a strong brand strategy could support their aspirations.  

The Challenge

The business concept was to support homeowners in Massachusetts with improving their overall energy efficiency, thus improving comfort and lowering the cost of utility bills.  

Initially, Energy Monster requested guidance around marketing, brand development, and a website.

Our Solution

As with all clients we work with, we followed our Proven Process to develop a brand strategy which includes three main stages:

  • Strategy & Planning
  • Setup & Launch (Creating)
  • Continuous Improvement

For more information on brand strategy and our proven process, feel free to read The Secret Behind a Successful Brand Strategy on our blog.

During the strategy stage, we set out on a mission to gain a deep understanding of Energy Monster and the audience they wanted to reach.

Through competitive research we identified that their competitors impersonal positioning and faceless approach would not identify with Energy Monster’s target persona. We wanted their brand presence to be fun and personable, and capable of building an emotional connection with their desired audience.  

Creating the Monster

Once we truly understood Energy Monster's market and vision, our team began to develop the Energy Monster brand.

We referred back to the founders' napkin sketch as it embodied everything our research uncovered.  Through the creative process, Energy Monster’s brand presence came to life through a little furry creature named Wattson.   

Wattson is an energy detective on a mission to solve energy inefficiency crimes. Real photographs, a clean web presence, and custom illustrations of Wattson’s adventures are only a part of what makes Energy Monster’s brand human and approachable.

wattson-crew (1)

The Results

Energy Monster's commitment to developing a strong brand strategy has helped them thrive in a competitive market.  With a firm foot print in four states, their inbound marketing results have doubled year over year.  

Over a one year period, Energy Monster has seen a 62% increase in sessions and a 52% increase in pageviews, resulting in a 39% increase in organic leads. 


I chose to work with New Perspective after reviewing their portfolio and checking out their success rate. I know that the website they built for us is increasing my market share and strengthening my brand recognition. The trend is favorable… it has definitely been worth it. As a small business owner, I look to partnering with an agency who shares my commitment for driving results. The members of the New Perspective team are available, flexible and cooperative. They make it happen.

Josh Leet, Energy Monster
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