Williamson Increases Conversion Rate by 300% with Optimized Web Design

Williamson Corporation is a custom manufacturer of infrared temperature sensors (pyrometers) used for process control. Their pyrometers are used for industrial applications in the steel, aluminum, petrochemical, and vacuum furnace industries. They pride themselves on their technically-savvy team, their unique, customized solutions, and their customer service. To learn more about them, visit their website, williamsonir.com.

The Results are In! Since The Website Launched in June 2018, Williamson has experienced...

increase Conversion Rate (year-over-year)
increase in Lead Generation (year-over-year)

The Challenge

Prior to engaging New Perspective, marketing had not been a priority for Williamson. Because of their international customer base, they struggled to promote their brand, technology, and products online, and knew that they needed a fresh start in order to provide a great brand experience.

Here are some of the main challenges they faced:

  • Their website wasn't generating enough leads
  • Their team wasn't fully leveraging HubSpot's lead nurturing capabilities
  • Their online user experience was confusing
  • Their competitors were outranking them on Google for a variety of key search terms

Williamson Homepage


Williamson sought a strategic digital marketing partner who could help propel their inbound marketing efforts and improve the performance of their website. They wanted an agency to help them build brand awareness and become known as a trusted, informative company in the B2B manufacturing space.

In order to help them hit their company goals for the year, we:

  • Developed a plan to align marketing and sales
  • Created a content strategy to speak to their multiple buyer personas
  • Launched a fully redesigned and modernized website
  • Optimized their core website pages to help increase their Google search rankings


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