Socomec Triumphs in the US Market With Inbound Marketing

Socomec, a France-based electrical equipment design and manufacturing company, needed a demand generation partner to strengthen their brand’s traction in the US. Learn how New Perspective helped increase traffic by 174% and sessions by 389%.


Clemence Cragan


Here's a Sneak Peak at Socomec's Results

Increase In

Website Traffic

Increase In

Leads Generated

Of Total Leads

Come From Content Offers (Since Website Launch)

Of Leads

From Content Offers Are Marketing Qualified Leads!


Socomec’s journey with New Perspective began when the company was looking to penetrate the US market. “Our goal was to explore our untapped potential in the US,” explains Clemence Cragan.

The biggest obstacle to Socomec’s success was its digital presence and visibility in search. The website wasn’t generating the leads and revenue it needed to grow.

“We were barely getting any online visibility for the most relevant search phrases. Our user experience needed work, and few of our visitors were converting into prospects,” said Cragan.

Socomec’s marketing approach was also a major roadblock. “We were completely unfamiliar with inbound marketing,” explained Cragan. “Our website lacked strategy, and we didn’t know how to address our modern buyer’s needs.”

“During our initial meeting with New Perspective, we knew they were a perfect fit for us,” said Cragan. “We chose them based on their experience, their adaptability in working with a global company, and their quick understanding of our business and challenges.”

In summary, Socomec approached New Perspective with a mission to:

  • Improve the quality and quantity of site traffic
  • Improve conversion rates
  • Target the right US audience with inbound marketing
  • Align both sales and marketing teams

THE Solution

Our engagement started off with alignment on a growth strategy. The strategy included target persona development, content strategy, buyer journey mapping, a redesign plan and post-redesign campaign plan.

“Clear roles were given to all three departments (New Perspective, France HQ and Socomec US offices),” said Cragan. “New Perspective made sure that everyone was on the same page and that the campaign was running smoothly.”

New Perspective completely redesigned Socomec’s website to improve its brand messaging. Downloadable offers such as ebooks and white papers were added to encourage conversion.

“The redesigned website is a big improvement over the old site,” said Cragan. “It is mobile responsive, user-friendly, attractive, has conversion points, and our traffic has increased dramatically.”

For the first time, Socomec implemented blogging as part of their strategy. We created various types of blogs that would address the issues faced by their ideal partners. Socomec went from never publishing content to publishing multiple audience-targeted blogs per month!

In just over two years, Socomec’s online presence in the US drastically transformed. And the numbers don’t lie:

  • Website traffic skyrocketed 174%
  • Socomec boosted lead generation by a drastic 341%
  • 14% of total leads came from content offers since the website launch
  • 43% of leads from content offers were marketing qualified leads


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