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Socomec is a leading manufacturer of power control, energy efficiency, and critical power solutions. They are headquartered in France and have offices spanning 6 continents and more than 30 countries. To learn more, visit their website,

Here's a Sneak Peak at Socomec's Results


increase in website traffic 


increase in sessions from organic search


increase in organic search traffic (since website launch)


of total leads come from content offers (since website launch)


of leads from content offers are Marketing Qualified Leads!

The Challenge

When Socomec approached us in 2017, they already had a worldwide reputation as a top manufacturer of energy performance solutions, but they were only just beginning to move into North America. They wanted to explore their untapped potential in the US market, but they needed help!

Inbound and digital marketing were fairly new concepts to Socomec. Although they understood the potential benefits of inbound, they had never used it. However, Socomec recognized that making a name for themselves in a new country would require stepping outside of their comfort zone and trying new things, so they decided to partner with New Perspective. Their primary goal was to drive potential leads to their website, where they could educate visitors on how Socomec could help solve their problems.

Socomec US Homepage

Inbound Marketing

Socomec wanted to use their website to educate potential customers—but what did that really entail? Who did they consider a “good fit” for their products? What type of information would need to be available on the website to capture that persona’s interest?

The first step was to identify their ideal customer: this wasn’t easy, as their distribution-heavy sales model made it difficult to identify a single buyer persona. In fact, during our initial strategy phase, we identified over 60 potential buyer personas!

We knew that Socomec wouldn’t find success if they tried to speak to everyone at once; they had to narrow their focus, so we took a different approach. Instead of digging too deeply into each persona (their job title, age, what they like to do on the weekend, how they research their problems and select solutions, etc.), we decided instead to investigate the problems they face. This took a lot of exploration! By investigating the pain points shared by all of these potential stakeholders, we were able to see a bigger picture of the types of people Socomec wanted to sell to.

This ultimately led to the creation of three persona profiles and a target company profile. The company profile allowed Socomec to identify what type of company they ultimately wanted to work with, while the persona profiles identified the people they would want to talk to within those companies—and the pain points that person would likely experience.

Basing these personas around their pain points allowed Socomec to cast a much wider net with their inbound marketing strategy that was still tailored to their potential stakeholders.

From there, we developed a content marketing strategy. This involved diving into the types of problems their ideal buyers were struggling with and creating various types of content to help support their online buying journey. Socomec had never investing in content marketing before, so this was a big step that took a lot of thought.

Socomec’s marketing is targeted toward a very technical audience, so it was important to address their concerns and speak their language. To accomplish this, we spent some time interviewing subject matter experts. This gave us deeper insight into the problems their personas face, the technical language that would speak directly to the personas, and the solutions Socomec provides. With this alignment, we were able to work with Socomec to produce cost effective content together.

With this new strategy, Socomec went from never publishing content to publishing multiple blogs per month! On top of that, they were able to create high-value content offers, such as ebooks and case studies, for their prospects to download.

This new inbound approach makes Socomec better equipped to support the modern buyer through their buying journey. Their new content speaks directly to their prospects’ pain points, which means that a potential customer can research their solutions by exploring their website—then reach out to Socomec when they’re ready to make a purchase.

The Results

Together, New Perspective and Socomec worked toward a common goal: generating traffic and leads through Socomec’s US website and the inbound “experiment” was a success.

Socomec realized a 174% year over year increase in traffic and a 389% increase in sessions from organic search.

It wasn’t just traffic that increased; as more prospects visited their website, many of them fill out forms and became leads. In fact, 14% of Socomec’s total leads came from persona focused content offers. And of those leads, 
43% were marketing qualified (MQLs). These are leads that Socomec can continue to nurture until they are ready
to make a purchase decision from a name they can trust.

Socomec US Product Pages

Looking Ahead

Socomec saw excellent results from their initial foray into inbound and digital marketing. Moving forward, they will continue to make use of content marketing, search engine optimization, and other tactics to draw prospects to their US site. What’s more, Socomec’s corporate team wants to begin using the strategy they’ve been using in the United States as their new marketing standard!

New Perspective is looking forward to continuing its strategic partnership with Socomec to boost traffic, leads and new customers.

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