NovoCarbon's Marketing Strategy Increases Online Visibility

NovoCarbon is a minerals processing company that supplies “high-quality value-added carbon products” to its customers. NovoCarbon prides themselves on their dedication both to their customers and to the environment. They create clean technology customized for their customers’ unique applications. To learn more, visit their website,

Client’s Challenge

NovoCarbon wanted their new web presence to address their customer’s core problems and goals directly as well as represent them as a leader in the rapidly expanding upgraded graphite market. Their challenges included:

  • Brand positioning as a solutions provider rather than simply a supplier
  • Producing enough leads to support the company’s growth
  • Visibility online
  • Integrating their marketing and sales tracking system


NovoCarbon needed a strategic partner to help them with their challenges. To help them address these challenges and move toward their goals, we: 

  • Developed a custom WordPress website integrated with HubSpot CRM
  • Performed a photoshoot to capture high-quality images of their product line to use in the new website
  • Developed and executed a cohesive marketing strategy
  • Established a sales and marketing foundation to increase new opportunities
  • Aligned their message to support brand positioning


NovoCarbon’s new website is flexible, making it ideal for the implementation of agile improvements over time to align with their growth goals. Moving forward, we will continue to monitor their progress and make data-driven decisions to support NovoCarbon—and to help their prospects find the right solution.


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