How Highmark Techsystems Increased Their Lead Generation by a Staggering 92%

Highmark is a leading supplier and developer of modular exhibits for face-to-face marketing events. To learn more, visit their website,

Here's a Sneak Peak at Highmark's Results


increase in organic search traffic (over the previous half-year)


increase in lead generation (over the previous half-year)

The Challenge

When Highmark first came to New Perspective in 2016, they were exclusively looking for help with their website design. Highmark wanted a new, modern website designed to work seamlessly across different devices for website visitors as well as their own designers, builders, and technical project leads. They also wanted their website to show how they stand out from the competition by showcasing product line differentiators, key capabilities, and resources.

Website Design

We delivered a complete website overhaul, including a responsive design that was built around showcasing their products and capabilities. We also fully optimized the site for search engines. This quickly resulted in a 30% increase in search visibility, and a Page 1 Google listing for 5 of their 8 most relevant search terms!

For a while, Highmark decided that this website was enough. Our partnership with them focused on small, incremental website updates rather than a larger inbound marketing strategy.

Turning Visitors into Leads

At the beginning of 2019, Highmark’s website was still performing well. They still weren’t quite ready to dive into a deeper marketing strategy, but they did want to start using their website to generate leads—without creating barriers for their website visitors. After a little bit of digging, we were able to identify a big opportunity.

As a modular exhibit supplier, Highmark wants to make it easy for their website visitors to know exactly what their products look like. To accomplish this, their site has dozens of downloadable resources, including spec sheets and models of each individual exhibit kit. Previously, this content wasn’t gated: site visitors could download any of these resources for free, without even giving Highmark their information.

Together, we decided that gating this content would help Highmark generate more leads. The resources would still be free, but now, the first time a visitor requested a resource, they would be greeted with a popup form asking for their name and email address. They would only have to fill out this form once; after that, they could download any resource across the whole website.

This was a big project that took some thought, but we ultimately decided that HubSpot was the best tool for the job. We set to work, replacing each “download” link on the website with a HubSpot call-to-action. Not only did this allow us to trigger the popup form on the first click, but it also allowed us to track each individual product visitors clicked on, even after they filled out the form. This provided Highmark with data they had never had before: Who is coming to their website? What products are they interested in?

The Results

We undertook the project at the beginning of 2019, and we started seeing results almost immediately!

In the first half of 2019, Highmark gained 343 new leads. 317 of those leads were captured by this popup form. That means that this project accounted for 92% of Highmark’s leads for the first half of the year.

But the benefits didn’t stop at lead generation. With these HubSpot calls-to-action, Highmark’s sales team has access to information they would never have had before. Now, when they reach out to a lead captured by the website, they know exactly who this person is and what products they’re interested in. It allows them to tailor the conversation to what’s important to the prospect, which will ultimately have an impact on whether their leads become customers.

Looking Ahead

This was Highmark’s first real experience with HubSpot, and it was a success! Moving forward, we are working with Highmark’s sales team, helping them explore more opportunities to improve their website and their sales funnel with HubSpot. As they continue to scale and grow, we will continue to act as a strategic partner and to help them adapt their strategy as needed.

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