Energy Monster: Growing and Changing with Continuous Improvement

Energy Monster is an energy efficiency contractor that aims to help homeowners increase their homes’ efficiency, increasing comfort and lowering their energy bills. To learn more, visit their website,

Here's a Sneak Peak at Energy Monster's Results


increase in non-paid traffic 


increase in mobile conversion rate


increase in local listings reach
across major search networks


increase in solar services page views


increase in average time spent on solar services pages (year-over-year)

The Challenge

Energy Monster and New Perspective have been working together for a long time. Over the years, Energy Monster’s challenges and goals have changed considerably, and we have consistently adapted our solutions to their needs.

When the founder met with us in 2011 with nothing but an idea and a napkin sketch, branding was the initial concern. The company also asked for guidance around marketing strategy and building a website.

Creating a Monster

The first step was to work on branding. To do this right, we took the time to gain a deep understanding of Energy Monster and the audience they wanted to reach. Through competitive research, we were able to recognize that their competitors’ impersonal positioning and faceless approach would not identify with their target persona. We wanted their brand presence to be fun, personable, and capable of building an emotional connection with their audience.

To build a fun and recognizable brand identity, we created a monster! We took that initial napkin sketch that Energy Monster’s founder had come up with and we built upon it, eventually coming up with Wattson: the little green monster intent on helping you save energy.

energy monster branding

Website Design

In addition to branding, one of the first goals Energy Monster had was to create a great website that spoke to their target persona. We worked with them to create a great website that displayed their services and spoke to their target persona—but that wasn’t the end.

At New Perspective, we believe in continuous improvement. We know that a website that looks modern now might be outdated in just a few years. On top of that, Energy Monster is not the same company they were years ago, and their website needs to reflect that. To accomplish this, we consistently make small, impactful updates to the site. Examples include:

  • In 2018, Energy Monster’s solar services were expanding. To reflect this, we developed their solar pages to be even more robust and to contain information related to their buyer persona. This included lists of frequently asked questions, examples of their work, and detailed information on specific topics their personas were looking for.
  • This year, Energy Monster began offering a new service through the Massachusetts Home MVP Program. They are one of only a handful of contractors in Massachusetts that offer this service, so we wanted to highlight it! We developed a new Home MVP pillar page to help site visitors better understand the service and its benefits.
  • More recently, we identified that people were visiting their website more and more frequently on mobile devices. In fact, their mobile conversion rate has almost doubled year over year. To capitalize on this, we updated their homepage. Not only did we give it a more modern look and feel, but we also added conversion points that could be tracked to give us a better idea of who was coming to the page and what they were clicking on.
Energy Monster continues to grow, and continuous improvement allows their website to grow along with them.

Inbound Marketing

With a great brand identity and a website worthy of showing off, the next step was to draw attention to Energy Monster with inbound marketing! Though many of Energy Monster’s marketing tactics have changed over time, some of the inbound tactics they have used include:

  • Blogging. Energy Monster has been blogging with New Perspective almost since the beginning, helping answer searchers’ questions on energy efficiency. This has helped position them as an expert in their industry, building trust with their prospects. Now, they are narrowing their focus and answering more specific, targeted questions that their prospects are asking near the bottom of the marketing funnel.
  • Lead Nurturing. Not every lead is ready to make a decision right away. To help guide leads through the funnel, we helped them develop several lead nurturing campaigns. These blogs, emails, and other marketing assets help to educate leads and address their concerns so that they can feel better about choosing to work with Energy Monster.
  • Flexibility. Together, Energy Monster and New Perspective have a clear, actionable marketing plan. However, being an energy contractor, Energy Monster’s needs may literally change with the seasons. As their strategic partner, we are ready to take on the next challenge and help them adapt. Some tactics that we have employed include print mailers, video content, or special offers.


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