Access TCA Exceeds Their Revenue Goal by 149%

Access TCA is one of the most successful face-to-face marketing companies in North America. With innovative processes and superior customer service, Access creates award-winning exhibits for a variety of industries. For a closer look at the company and its products and media, we invite you to visit their website,

Here's a Sneak Peak at Access TCA's Results


Increase Overall Site Traffic (Year-Over-Year)


Increase Leads Generated (Year-Over-Year)


Above Target 2016 Revenue Goal


Decrease Site Wide Reduction for Visitor Bounce Rate

The Challenge

Prior to engaging New Perspective, Access TCA struggled to recreate the same great brand experience they portrayed offline.
  • High bounce rate for mobile visitors
  • New visitor traffic well below target
  • Weak domain authority in a competitive environment
  • Multiple disconnected sales and marketing platforms
  • Limited middle & bottom of funnel conversion points

Access TCA Homepage


Access TCA recognized the need for a strong digital marketing partner. They wanted to find an agency to help them boost their reputation as a thought leader in the event marketing space. To help Access TCA, we:
  • Redesign the website: fully responsive
  • Increase blogging quality & frequency
  • Deploy technical SEO gameplan
  • Centralize sales and marketing through HubSpot
  • Create persona focused offers and strategically add CTA's


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