Strategy Before Tactics

You have big goals for your business, like improving online engagement with your brand, converting more visitors into leads, and increasing revenue, There's a lot to consider. So what is your next move? Does your website need to be redesigned? Should you publish more content? Should you spend more on PPC or social?  

Wouldn't it be great if you had a digital marketing partner that could help align your business goals with your online marketing? Well look no further. New Perspective's marketing team has the experience to help you develop a strategy for growth and online success.  Here's our process:


Developing an effective digital strategy is collaborative. The process that starts with a discovery session. This meeting is truly all about you. We want to understand your vision, your company, and your financial and strategic objectives. With our decade-plus of proven experience, we also know that no one approach is going to suit all of our clients.

Define Goals

We will work with you to agree on specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and timely (SMART) goals for your business. For example, your goals may be to "increase website traffic by 75% in 3 months," "double the number of customers in client base by year-end," or "triple annual revenue in two years".


We'll chart the course to get to your destination. Your goals will inform one or more recommended courses of action: 

Get To Work

Once we've agreed to the path we'll take, it's time to go to work. Our team of web design/development and digital marketing professionals will work hard towards achieving your goals within your specified time frame. One aspect of doing business with New Perspective that’s most often cited in client testimonials is the responsiveness of our team members. Our company culture places customer service at the top of our daily priorities, and our team members are accountable to each other and to you. When things change in your environment, we quickly take decisive action to keep your plan on track.

When you consult with New Perspective, you get the dual advantages of shrewd strategic planning combined with real-world experience and stellar customer service.  New Perspective has the vision, expertise and talent to help your business reach the next level and beyond.  Call us at 508-755-6797  or request a consultation to get started.



"I chose to work with NPWS after poking around their portfolio and checking out their success rate. I know that the website they built for us is increasing my market share and strengthening my brand recognition. The trend is favorable… it has definitely been worth it. As a small business owner, I look to partner with companies that share my commitment to making it happen for their clients; members of the NPWS team are available, flexible and cooperative. They make it happen." Josh Leet

Our company tag line, “We turn clicks into customers”, is more than just a catchy slogan. It's a guarantee.