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Strategy Before Tactics wins every time

Are your existing marketing tactics producing the top line results that the business needs? Is sales receiving the kind of leads it needs to stay on target? Is the business growing in a sustainable and healthy way?

How do we help? We help businesses by increasing lead generation, new customer acquisition, and creating a competitive advantage. Inbound marketing is powered by content and helps expedite business growth by outthinking vs. outspending the competition and by investing marketing dollars in production, participation and performance. But before we begin, it is critical for us to work together to complete a Strategic Game Plan.

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What Is A Strategic Game Plan?

The Strategic Game Plan provides answers to essential questions like: What specific business goals/problems are we trying to accomplish here? What are the most efficient and effective ways to accomplish that objective? How will success be measured?

By the end of the Game Plan process, we will present you with a custom built roadmap that details all of the marketing elements that need to be created, a list of the website enhancements that should be addressed and the systems that need to be configured. Here is our four step process honed over decades of industry experience.

Perform A Thorough Marketing Assessment  

In order to improve, you need to know what your current strengths and weaknesses are. We’ll work with you to create a clear picture of your current situation.

  • Website Performance - Review your current analytics to determine how your website is performing and what additional metrics need to be tracked.
  • Lead Generation - Determine the number and quality of leads being generated and where leads are coming from.
  • Resource Audit - Take stock of the current content and other resources that can be leveraged or repurposed.
  • Competitor Analysis - Study of your top competitors, how they are performing online and what strategies appear to be working well for them.
  • Additional assessments incorporated based on your specific needs.

When complete, you will have a full report of your marketing analytics, assets, and competition to use as a benchmark and to inform your strategy.

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Target Your Ideal Customers

You can’t create a successful inbound game plan if you try to market to everyone. We’ll work with you to assess the right customers to focus on reaching your specific goals.

  • Buyer Personas - Representations of your ideal customers, what they are struggling with, the triggers that cause them to act, and what questions they are asking.
  • Buyer’s Journey - The four stage path your prospects take before they make a purchasing decision, covering Awareness, Consideration, Decision, and Customer.
  • Targeted Messaging Strategy - Focused strategy to position you to best answer your ideal customer’s questions and define why you are the best company to solve their problems.

When complete, you’ll receive research-based buyer personas, a detailed outline of their buyer’s journey, and a complete strategy for reaching that audience with focused marketing tactics.

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Outline Your Inbound Marketing Tactics

Now that we’ve determined what your assets are and who your customers are, what strategies will we use to attract the right people to your website? How will we get them to stay and how will we convert them into leads?

At this point in the strategy phase, we’ll consider which inbound marketing tactics you’ll use for each stage of the buyer’s journey:

  • Marketing Content - The correct mix of  blogs, videos, ebooks, social media and other marketing content to best target your buyer personas.
  • Marketing Automation Solutions - We combine our expertise in marketing software and strategy with your buyer’s journey to outline the best systems and solutions to deliver a personalized experience to your website visitors and leads.
  • Search Engine Optimization - How important is getting found to your inbound marketing strategy? We’ll outline the specific tactics needed to increase organic traffic.
  • Paid Search Advertising - We’ll use our advertising expertise to supplement organic visitors with paid traffic to improve how your inbound marketing is targeted to the right audience.

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Build a Content Campaign Plan

Once our teams are aligned and we have a thorough understanding of your marketing needs, we will build out a campaign plan. This strategy will provide you with budget, expectations and a timeline. What marketing deliverables will be provided to you, and when?

Your complete Strategic Game Plan will include 40+ pages of actionable strategy:

  • Marketing Budget - Recommended budget options to help hit your business goals.
  • Content Calendar - Suggested content deliverables to execute your inbound strategy with specific timelines for publishing each piece.
  • SEO Strategy - Using keyword research we will target the specific SEO strategies to realize your goals for improving search visibility.
  • Website Redesign - We’ll work with you to create an action plan by creating user flows and mapping out your desired website architecture. Our developers will work to implement a solid SEO strategy and our graphic designers will create branding you can be proud of. Building a strategy before implementing a website redesign will ensure that the process goes smoothly. Learn more about why a website redesign should be part of your digital marketing strategy.
  • Additional content campaign plans based on your specific goals.

Why Choose New Perspective?

While our methodologies and Strategic Game Plan process are well established, we don’t use canned marketing strategies.  The marketing plan we will create for you is custom built for your business’s situation and unique growth goals. Are we the right agency for you? As a growth agency, our strategy-first approach helps us build a thorough understanding of your company, its goals and clarify how we can best work together to achieve success.

While you may be looking for an agency that focuses on short-term wins or on one specific marketing tactic, we look for clients whose goal is long-term growth. We are best suited to work with companies interested in forming a long-lasting agency partnership of sustained growth. We have experience delivering measurable results for our clients through inbound marketing and website-specific strategies that increase customer engagement, improve lead acquisition and create a competitive advantage.

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