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Boost Your Event Marketing With a Complete Digital Marketing Experience

Is there something missing from your events and face to face (F2F) engagement? You do an amazing job generating interest for clients and creating experiences for their audience, but your job shouldn’t end on the show floor. To truly show a positive ROI from your experiential marketing services, you need to continue the engagement online.

Experiential marketing and digital marketing go hand in hand. 98% of consumers say they are more inclined to purchase after a brand experience. They simply need to be engaged with before, during and after the experience.

If you’re looking for a way to boost your event marketing and F2F engagement services, New Perspective can help you extend the experience online for even more success.

We Help You To​

01 Convert Face to Face Engagements Into Leads​​

We take the connections you generate at a trade show or other event and continue to manage the relationship online to provide them a meaningful sales and marketing experience that creates a lifelong customer. We help you to: 

  • Identify quality leads to hand over to sales
  • Create processes for entering F2F leads into a CRM to continue to track and nurture them
  • Leverage sales and marketing solutions to identify, prioritize and close valuable leads
02 Measure Event Channel Performance​

We help you quantify the real ROI of your F2F marketing:

  • Lead Source Tracking: Know which leads come from which events to help your clients determine how best to engage with them
  • Campaign Attribution: Allow your clients to understand the ROI of the leads from each event so the events you help with will stand out as the actions delivering real value.
  • Forecasting and Reporting: Make F2F engagement tangible, predictable and reportable with analytics that allow you to visualize and plan for event lead generation.
03 Align Sales and Marketing​

We make sure all leads are engaged, whether in-person and online, for a complete brand experience. We’ll help you create:

  • A defined buyer’s journey through all stages of engagement
  • A process to improve communication and collaboration between sales and marketing teams
  • An inbound marketing platform to integrate sales and marketing operations

If you’d like to speak about how inbound marketing can support your existing services, let’s talk!

New Perspective’s Inbound Experiential Marketing Approach

At New Perspective, we take a strategy first approach to inbound marketing. Our goal is to support your existing event marketing services, add the latest inbound marketing methodologies and help you provide a seamless, integrated inbound experience to your clients.

Whether F2F or online, you’ll be able to:

  • Attract interest
  • Convert visitors and attendees into valuable leads
  • Close those leads with an integrated sales approach
  • Delight customers online and in-person

At New Perspective, our priority is to make your company shine. We work with agencies, event marketers and trade show display companies looking for a long-term partner that can add to their service offerings, boost the effectiveness of their client’s events and lead them towards massive growth. Our passionate team of experts work as an extension of your existing team to boost the effectiveness of your existing services and make you as valuable as possible to your clients.


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