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A Structured Approach to Improving Your Website's Performance 

New Perspective’s conversion optimization services are designed to help you free up marketing bottlenecks and turn passive website visits into profitable customer action. Our designers, developers, and marketers are dedicated to creating sites that not only draw targeted traffic but also drive it to its ultimate destination: conversion. Whether that’s a sale, subscription, survey, or other response, our thoughtful design and intuitive functionality clear the user’s path to conversion.

Conversion optimization—increasing the percentage of page visitors that convert into customers—is an ongoing process. It starts long before visitors get to your site. Your other Internet marketing tactics—SEO, pay-per-click ads, emails, banners, and social media—touch them first and funnel them your way, towards conversion. (That’s “assisted conversion,” and tracking it is important in planning full optimization).

conversion optimization factors 

Position Your Other Tactics for the Assist. Track the effectiveness of all your tactics and channels so you can best position them to drive leads to your landing page.

Direct Traffic to the Right Landing Page. Your SEO and site architecture should smoothly deliver visitors onto the specific page that’s relevant to their search terms. If they don’t, visitors will click away and search elsewhere.

Deliver and Reinforce Your Value Proposition. Potential customers need to know quickly who you are and what you can do for them. Tell them, and make sure it mirrors what brought them to your site to begin with.

Establish Trust. Consumers aren’t going to engage with a site they don’t trust. New Perspective will build your site to prominently feature relevant reviews, customer testimonials, your social networking presence, and awards and recognitions from reputable organizations.

Provide a Clear Call-to-Action. Don’t leave your visitor wondering what to do next. We’ll show them what to do and the easiest way to do it.

Streamline the Process. New Perspective can minimize the number of fields your visitors need to click or fill out and get rid of anything else that might distract them in the home stretch.

From ad copy to competitive factors and the changing needs of your customers, external forces make it imperative that you continually monitor your conversion rate (the percentage of visitors who act).

In marketing, conversion rates are the most important metrics to continuously monitor and improve on. It seeks to customize the user experience so you reach the highest possible percentage of browsers becoming valuable conversions.

Better conversion rates translate to higher ROI. A conversion-oriented approach to optimizing your website requires plenty of time, effort, and resources, but the rewards are worth every marketing dollar.

It breeds opportunities on its own, allowing you to find new areas about specific campaigns or your overall strategy that you can improve on. As the user experience gets more refined and the buying journey gets quicker, you are also providing value to your prospects and loyal customers, all while growing your business.  

How We Can Help

New Perspective works with you to help ensure your Internet marketing dollars are doing all they can to convert your visitors.  When traffic and budgets permit, we conduct A/B testing (or split testing) of your landing page—methodically changing one variant at a time, such as on-page copy, images, or calls to action, and analyzing which generates a more robust response per audience segment.

We use such data to strengthen relevant components of your site and better guide visitors to their ultimate destination. There are countless places visitors can get lost along the path to conversion. With New Perspective, you’ll have countless ways to keep them on track.

Reach out to us today for cutting-edge conversion optimization services. 

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