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You hold the whole world in your hands, literally. Smartphones have exploded in popularity, and there’s no sign they’ll slow down. Technology is entwining itself in every aspect of our lives because we have a handheld computer that follows wherever we go – from giving us turn-by-turn directions in the car to catching up on our social profiles while waiting in line.

Email marketing should be a significant part of any company’ marketing strategies. Many people claim that email marketing is dead, but that’s just because they’re not doing it right. The consumer’s behavior has changed, and it’s time to adapt your strategy. More than half of all emails are opened on mobile devices, yet many emails that arrive in someone’s inbox are not mobile-friendly. You’re missing out on countless leads because your email is unreadable. Here’s what you need to do to make sure that your email is actually mobile-friendly.

Pick the right template.

First things first, you need a responsive template to build your email. How you get the template is up to you. Pretend you need to bring a baked treat to a family party. You can either whip something up from scratch, make something from a box, or scoot out to the store and buy something from the bakery section. It doesn’t matter the method as long as in the end you show up with a dessert. You may not be an excellent baker, so buying something is the simplest, and often cheapest in time and resources. Same goes for purchasing a responsive template. There’s hundreds of designs to choose from. If you want something a little more custom and your web development team is up for a challenge, they can either transform your current email design into being responsive or they can build one from scratch.

Don’t break that template.

Baking is a science – so is working with a template. You can push the boundaries with both – add a few ingredients here, throw in a different image there, but there’s no guarantee you’ll get the desired outcome if you mess with the “recipe” too much. Even if you picked a responsive template, it doesn’t mean the code is going to bend over backwards to make sure nothing breaks. How many times have you loosely followed a recipe? You can just as easily mess up a box mix as you can mess up something from your grandmother’s cookbook.

Keep it short and sweet.

People check their smartphones dozens, if not hundreds of times a day. Some of those times will be spent checking emails, and you’ll never know where you’ll be catching your audience. Someone may be leisurely browsing their email on the morning train, while someone else only has 10 seconds to spare when waiting in line for their morning coffee. Design your email for someone who is crunched for time. Start with a snappy email title, and don’t be afraid to experiment with emojis. Now that you’ve captured their attention, keep it by making your content easy to consume. Make your content scannable by keeping it short, using bullet points and bolding important messages. Also, make sure your CTA is front and center. If they have to scroll to find it, that potential lead is as good as gone.

Images are optional.

We’re sure that on more than one occasion you opened an email and were actually impressed by the graphic design. We warned you before that images can make or break your template. They also can be the downfall of your marketing message. Did you know that the default setting for iOS users is for the images to automatically display, but Android devices default to block images? Make sure your graphics are supporting characters instead of the main show. Otherwise a user might see a bunch of broken images and be confused by the lack of descriptive text.

Testing 1, 2, 3…

No matter whether you’re building your email in HubSpot, Constant Contact, or another email platform, you’ll have the option to check how mobile-friendly your email is. Remember that these simulators are not foolproof. Want an easy way to make sure that your email looks good on almost every device? Make some friends around the office and test, test, test! Each email app may render the email differently, so make sure to send it to both iOS and Android users. Don’t stop at just the default email app. Take a peek to see how the responsiveness is in the Gmail app. Unfortunately, getting it right in every single app is impossible, but do your best to make sure it looks good in the main ones used by your audience. Better yet, before you even begin creating your email template, check out the analytics data for your previous emails to see which devices are used most often.

Do you need help cooking up an email marketing strategy? Our team can guide you through creating a custom template to writing the perfect click-bait title. Contact New Perspective today.

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