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At this point in the game, not having an active social media presence for your business is like using a flip phone at work and then not understanding why your manager keeps giving Chuck all the best leads. If you want to be competitive in a digital market, you need to have a social media marketing strategy. Having social accounts isn’t enough – you should be actively using social media to attract visitors, convert them into customers, and to keep in contact with existing customers.

Whether you are new to social media, wondering whether it’s worthwhile to ramp up your social media activity, or introducing a new channel, you need a strong social strategy.

Benefits of a Strong Social Media Marketing Strategy:

  • Driving more targeted traffic to your website – Be where your prospects are. Posting on the same channels that your target audience is using will provide the opportunity to engage and drive more prospects to your website. It’s worked for us – Over 20% of New Perspective’s website traffic comes from social media.
  • Boosting your site’s SEO – Search Engine Optimization is key for moving your website to the top of Google. The higher up on Google your site is, the more likely prospects will visit your site. Social shares help build links to your site and posting often can help build credibility. This adds up to some great SEO, and can help boost your site up the rankings.
  • Developing new relationships – Engaging through social media is far easier and often more effective than walking up to a stranger at an event. You can profile the prospect by checking their LinkedIn and don’t have to wait until the prospect is alone and then think of a witty introduction.
  • Maintaining and improving existing relationships – By republishing and liking your customers’ social media posts, you remind your customers that you are thinking of them and you care.
  • Showcasing your culture – If you’re a salesperson, one of the most powerful things you can do is look into your prospects’ eyes with a firm handshake. If you’re a marketer, one of the most powerful things you can do is engage with prospects and customers on social media. What do they have in common? These tactics allow you to relate to your prospects. People buy from people, and engaging with them allows the prospect to experience your culture and establish a relationship.
  • Social media ads allow targeting and retargeting – Social media allows you to target prospects by location, education level, industry, and even purchase history and the pages they’ve liked. Targeting your ads at your ideal prospects means that the people who see your advertisements are far more likely to visit your site, become leads, and close.
  • Social monitoring – Customers are vocal on social media. Monitoring posts about your business allows you to see whether customers are happy or unhappy about your product or service. You can immediately show others how satisfied your customers are or your can reduce the impact of poor customer reviews. You can even turn a negative customer experience into a positive one.

It is now easier than ever to trace every visit, lead, and customer back to the source that brought them to you. This provides the opportunity to allocate your marketing funds to the channels that will give you the best ROI. In order to develop a strong presence on social media, you should test your strategy, adapt it, then test it again. A strong social media strategy can help to bring you the right prospects and convert them into leads.

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